Friday, July 24, 2009


During recent research, I found a great website tool that lets you have your own personal space for free!!! I will still update this blog from time to time, but I encourage you to check out our new family website.

And please remember to bookmark both pages! The new site has a place for blogging, calendar, photos, and so on! I am really excited about it!!! Check back often in the next couple of days! I don't have hardly anything customized yet (you may see some strange template things on there for awhile), but will slowly start working on it in the new couple of weeks!

Be sure and send me an email or a comment if you create your own website or blog! We want to follow you too!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bath Time Surprise!

Okay, it is not the surprise you are probably thinking of....It was much different!

Last night, Kevin had to leave on a Fire run. The kids and I went out and tarped the boat and put up the vehicles and all....Kinsley was very upset when it was time to go back inside.

We tried everything to make it better. I got her juice, cookies, read books, played toys, nothing worked. So, I mentioned that she could take a shower. She usually hops in with the boys or sometimes she climbs in with me. Usually, though it is the kids thing to just all climb in the shower together and clean up.

She started running immediately to the shower. So did the boys. She got MAD!!! She was pushing them out of the bathroom, yelling at them, shaking her head, and crying. She has never objected to them sharing the shower time with her before. She doesn't say much, but her actions and limited vocabulary usually let us know what she means.

I suggested that I get in with her, and the boys would wait until later to shower. She started clapping her hands and smiling instantly! The boys went back to the living room, and the girls got in the shower. She was a completely different kid from the point on. She wanted her hair washed. She used the loofah to soap up her own body and took special care to wash all of her little features (and of course, Mommy couldn't help). Then, she started in on my legs and I had to sit on our shower step so she could wash my neck and back. I was about done, but I had forgotten conditioner in her hair. She didn't hesistate to remind Mama:)

I was really just amazed at the way she expressed herself and made it very clear what she wanted last night. It is truly amazing that at 22 months old she is very concise in the way things should be for her! Toddlerhood has its ups and downs, but it also has its unbelievable, jaw dropping, WOW moments! I was in AWW of her last night!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Falling Behind...

That is all I seem to be doing lately! It is okay, but it needs to change!

I got a letter from our Peditrician the other day...I had missed Kinsley's well check visit. Now, usually they call and confirm; they did not. I have my BlackBerry and type everything in it; I guess when I flushed it in May it didn't back that appt up. For whatever reason, we didn't make it to her 22 month check up. I need to call them in the morning and reschedule. I can't wait to make that phone call. Such is life with three kiddos!

The boys have been busy beavers which is probably part of the problem with everything else. We rechecked books out for another week from the library last week only to have tomorrow come again and still not have gotten to them! Maybe we will work on that tonight and in the morning!

Damon and Dilon have reached their last week of swim team and library time! The summer sure has flown by. It is hard to believe in three weeks time (or there abouts) they will be starting school again! I can't believe they will be starting first grade and will be really into school! Sure, Kindergarten and Pre-K were so vitally important, but first grade is the beginning of school without naps, snacks, and center time. It is the start of going to school for grades that the teacher records. It should be an interesting year!

Kinsley also gets to start "school" on August 17. Kevin and I have made the decision to socialize her a little bit and put her in Mother's Day Out twice a week in Kingfisher. The boys always had each other and had to learn sharing and how to be around kids their own age. They had no problems with school or making new friends. We just want to give Kinsley the same kind of opportunity. It will also allow Mama to work on her business at least part time without interruption, and it will provide a chance to run errands without extra help! The boys think it is neat she is going to school and I am sure Kinsley will LOVE it!

And I realize that I have been falling behind on my blogs! I am working to rebuild my business website and I am adding a weekly business blog to it. I am hoping that as I start doing that on the weekends that it will force me to update the other two as well!!! Time will tell!!