Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where did time go?

It feels like forever since I posted something here. Looking back at the last time I did, I realize life kinda of did fast forward.

After I hurt my knee in August, everything went on pause. Thankfully, it wasn't more serious. After some lovely pain killers and lots of Naproxen, it seems to be better!!!

The other big event of the last couple of months was the kiddos' much anticpated birthdays. The boys look forward to their big day from the time Christmas is over. Kinsley is just starting to realize that this present opening stuff is fun!

Kinsley's birthday marked the removal of the crib from her room. I wanted something different for her, but was not ready to buy her a new bedroom set quite yet. I found the next best thing in a new toddler bed. It has Disney Princesses on it. She loves them and her new bed!

The boys had less fanfare, but love their new Wii accessories. They had a ball at the swimming pool with their friends for their birthday party. We also got to do a first this year: they had their birthday party with their friends on their actual birthday. The boys thought it was a great way to spend the day!

Life is moving at a crazy busy pace right now. It is time for the LEAF auction again (Nov 14). That consumes much of Mom's time. Dad has been busy cutting corn and soybeans and planting wheat. I think all of us would agree that even with life so busy, we wouldn't change a thing about it. We live and love it to its fullest everyday!

And maybe along the way, Mom will update the blog like she had in the past! Check back often and enjoy the ride!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Terrible TWO'S!!!

She won't be two until the 21st of September, but Kinsley is already proving to be near!

She is ALL OVER THE PLACE...ALL THE TIME! It is like the Energizer Bunny times 100! She constantly has to be doing something. She is a very, very, very busy toddler! And MISCHIEVOUS like all get out! I thought girls were supposed to be better than boys...YEAH RIGHT, and I had TWO BOYS at the same time!

We wandered how this week would go with school starting. She has gotten quite attached to the boys this summer. She didn't miss a beat. She had been going into their room every morning, turning on their TV and talking to them. For some reason, on Wednesday, she came out and it didn't occur to her to visit them. They were gone to school; she was off to the races. She never stopped and had a smile on her face all day. We finally asked at lunch time where they were at, and she put her hands up and said "no" like I don't know. But it didn't seem to phase her a bit.

And she hasn't let up this week. Yesterday morning, she got up at 6:50 before they left. She was ready to go and stood on the front porch and waved as they left. Then, ran into the house smiling and playing!

Today, she got into the toilet and played with the cling on stamp things I bought to keep them cleaner. She smells like a pine forest because of it. They fascinate her for some reason. She dumped a full box of wet wipes out, took them all apart, and started flushing them. Thankfully, it was one at a time and Mommy heard the toilet getting flushed more than it should.

She rode in the boys' booster seat today all buckled in because she didn't want to ride in her seat. I later figured out it is only because she can undo the seat belt (something her brothers still struggle with) without flinching and gets out to explore. That landed her in her car seat!

Right as I type this, she has climbed on my lap and is now sitting on my desk smiling at me! She is grabbing anything within reach and it is so hard to be mad at a toothy grinned, pig tail wearing, little girl as she reaches over with her sticky little hand and gives you a great big kiss!

On a sweet note, she has learned out to give bear hugs this week! Used to, when we hugged her, she would just take it...Now she puts her arms around your neck and squeezes as tight as a toddler can! So sweet and cute! What is not cute or sweet is that she is now shredding my stack of post-its one by one...Gotta go!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Accident Prone!

For awhile, I am still going to post at both places. I don't have the new blog all set up yet, and will just copy and past for the time being!!! But be sure and check the new blog out too!!!

We acquired a boat this summer. We have been to the lake 5 times in the last month. One weekend, we got rained out at Keystone one day, and went to Canton lake the next. Kevin and I have dreamed of the day we could have something like this for our family. We put the boys into swim lessons four summers ago. They took lessons for three summers and this summer they were on the swim team, all in preparation for us getting a boat eventually.

Kinsley is still smaller than we would like, but it is much easier with one toddler than it ever would have been with two! And all three kids are still small enough that they love to ride in the boat for awhile, and then go to the sand and play. Kinsley absolutely loves the water and the boat! She wants to put the boat into every mud hole we see now, and we can't change the TV channel if there is water on! Silly girl!!!

Kevin and I find a great deal of peace and serenity going to the lake. There is no talk of work, problems, disputes, or anything else. It is just a time when we can get away from everything, enjoy our beautiful, healthy family, and have fun! We love that it allows us the ability to create wonderful memories without breaking the bank. And we love just being able to get away from EVERYTHING for the afternoon. It is definitely a welcomed addition to our life.

Unfortunately, my accident proneness hasn't escaped our lake going! In fact, a year to the day on Sunday was when I had fallen off of the stage of the chapel where my sister got married. I had blood everywhere, and a bruise that lasted for weeks. I still have a scar from that loveliness!

Anyways, we took our very good friends', the Brooks' with us to the lake this weekend. Nathan and Kevin were best friends in school, and Nathan and I grew up 2 miles apart from each other. Krista and I are great friends, and they have two girls, one is the boys age, and the other is Kinsley's age. It works out great!

Krista and I got on the tube after the boys were done. Kevin was driving. It was really one of those perfect storm moments. We were flying every which way and we saw the other boat pulling a tube. I knew he was going into the wake of the other boat and had told Krista as much. He claims I should have tucked and rolled then...But I didn't. Instead, he hit it, and we went over. I hit the water wrong, the air got knocked out of me, and my knee popped. I came up, couldn't breath, and wasn't sure what I had done to my leg, only that it was in pain!

On Monday, we went to an orthopedic specialist and were relieved to hear that it was a torn MCL instead of my ACL! It wouldn't require surgery (PRAISE THE LORD), only rest and ice! I could definitely do that!

I am happy to report that my knee is starting to feel better. The swelling and stiffness are still there, but I can get around pretty good. My injury from the wedding last year lasted much longer!!!

It had been suggested by some that the boat needs to never be used again because of the danger and accidents it can cause. While I can see why one might think or say that, it was an accident, and honestly, for those that know me, they know accidents with me happen ALL THE TIME!! In the last year alone, I have burned myself on our grill, fell at my sister's wedding, fell down stairs at church, tripped on the sidewalk at school and got both my knees scraped, and now my boating mishap. I didn't stop walking, grilling or using stairs after those accidents. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! We ALL take risks all the time!!!! Kevin takes risks daily being a farmer! It is one of the MOST DANGEROUS jobs you can have, and we don't quit that every time he injures his back or cuts his finger. We will continue taking the boat out and may even do it this weekend if all the ground is worked and things are taken care of! I am game if the family is!

The boat will continue to be a great source of entertainment for our family! It will be something that we will spend many hours on, and we will create great family memories with our children and extended family and friends. And if the occasional accident happens, that is okay too! It happens...and apparently A LOT to me, regardless of whether I am on dry land or at sea lol!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


During recent research, I found a great website tool that lets you have your own personal space for free!!! I will still update this blog from time to time, but I encourage you to check out our new family website.

And please remember to bookmark both pages! The new site has a place for blogging, calendar, photos, and so on! I am really excited about it!!! Check back often in the next couple of days! I don't have hardly anything customized yet (you may see some strange template things on there for awhile), but will slowly start working on it in the new couple of weeks!

Be sure and send me an email or a comment if you create your own website or blog! We want to follow you too!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bath Time Surprise!

Okay, it is not the surprise you are probably thinking of....It was much different!

Last night, Kevin had to leave on a Fire run. The kids and I went out and tarped the boat and put up the vehicles and all....Kinsley was very upset when it was time to go back inside.

We tried everything to make it better. I got her juice, cookies, read books, played toys, nothing worked. So, I mentioned that she could take a shower. She usually hops in with the boys or sometimes she climbs in with me. Usually, though it is the kids thing to just all climb in the shower together and clean up.

She started running immediately to the shower. So did the boys. She got MAD!!! She was pushing them out of the bathroom, yelling at them, shaking her head, and crying. She has never objected to them sharing the shower time with her before. She doesn't say much, but her actions and limited vocabulary usually let us know what she means.

I suggested that I get in with her, and the boys would wait until later to shower. She started clapping her hands and smiling instantly! The boys went back to the living room, and the girls got in the shower. She was a completely different kid from the point on. She wanted her hair washed. She used the loofah to soap up her own body and took special care to wash all of her little features (and of course, Mommy couldn't help). Then, she started in on my legs and I had to sit on our shower step so she could wash my neck and back. I was about done, but I had forgotten conditioner in her hair. She didn't hesistate to remind Mama:)

I was really just amazed at the way she expressed herself and made it very clear what she wanted last night. It is truly amazing that at 22 months old she is very concise in the way things should be for her! Toddlerhood has its ups and downs, but it also has its unbelievable, jaw dropping, WOW moments! I was in AWW of her last night!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Falling Behind...

That is all I seem to be doing lately! It is okay, but it needs to change!

I got a letter from our Peditrician the other day...I had missed Kinsley's well check visit. Now, usually they call and confirm; they did not. I have my BlackBerry and type everything in it; I guess when I flushed it in May it didn't back that appt up. For whatever reason, we didn't make it to her 22 month check up. I need to call them in the morning and reschedule. I can't wait to make that phone call. Such is life with three kiddos!

The boys have been busy beavers which is probably part of the problem with everything else. We rechecked books out for another week from the library last week only to have tomorrow come again and still not have gotten to them! Maybe we will work on that tonight and in the morning!

Damon and Dilon have reached their last week of swim team and library time! The summer sure has flown by. It is hard to believe in three weeks time (or there abouts) they will be starting school again! I can't believe they will be starting first grade and will be really into school! Sure, Kindergarten and Pre-K were so vitally important, but first grade is the beginning of school without naps, snacks, and center time. It is the start of going to school for grades that the teacher records. It should be an interesting year!

Kinsley also gets to start "school" on August 17. Kevin and I have made the decision to socialize her a little bit and put her in Mother's Day Out twice a week in Kingfisher. The boys always had each other and had to learn sharing and how to be around kids their own age. They had no problems with school or making new friends. We just want to give Kinsley the same kind of opportunity. It will also allow Mama to work on her business at least part time without interruption, and it will provide a chance to run errands without extra help! The boys think it is neat she is going to school and I am sure Kinsley will LOVE it!

And I realize that I have been falling behind on my blogs! I am working to rebuild my business website and I am adding a weekly business blog to it. I am hoping that as I start doing that on the weekends that it will force me to update the other two as well!!! Time will tell!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you ever realize how fortunate you are?

I have been spending my summer with my children. We have been going like crazy, and I am utterly exhausted most days. They do silly things that set me off, and the baby has been exerting her independence in the worst way right now. However, during all of this, have I ever stopped to think about how fortunate I am? I have three healthy, beautiful, content children. We have had our scares with each of them, but nothing that has caused life to stand still for any long than a couple of months at most. Kinsley has continued to battle her allergies and Dilon has his asthma problems. Damon and Dilon both have heart defects, but overall, they are very healthy children.

There are so many around us that would trade places with us in an instant to have the health that we have. I think of little Morgan and all she has been through. Thankfully, they are getting somewhat of a normal summer!

Poor little Connor Cruse and his family rejoiced when his NB tumor was dead, only to have a new cancer form, and now they are running out of options. I can't imagine what a battle this has been for them for the last four years.

I think of little Justin Schnell and all of his health issues. He is only going to be in seventh grade and has seen more hospitals in his life than anyone should. And now they need prayer again as he is having lung problems again.

Kevin's uncle, Gene, has had a rough time with his cancer as well. They got the much needed answer to prayer Tuesday when tests showed that his blood was clear of the blasts for the first time in months.

But really, how often do any of us sit and count our blessings for the small things in life. How many times do we tell the Lord how thankful we are that our children, parents, spouse, family and friends are healthy? How many times are we grateful for the drink spilled in the back seat of the car? How many times are we grateful to have children that are healthy to take places? And how often do we just assume that a baby will be born healthy and then stop and realize what a miracle it is when it actually happens?

My children are happy. They are healthy. They are having a fun summer. And I am so very thankful and grateful to God for that very fact!

Here are some videos from today of them in the pool. Damon finally decided he would swim today. He swam the best he has all summer. It was near the end of swim team practice and Dilon was tired in the first video, but you will see they were both wound up when it came time to go down the slide and jump off the board!

Monday, June 22, 2009

June is almost over!

I can't believe that June is almost over! It has flown by. Our minister discussed that very topic yesterday about how when you get older, time flies faster. Boy does it! It is hard to believe the boys have been home for a month, we have finished harvest, and are right on our way to the Fourth of July (my favorite day of the summer)!!!

I have so much that I want to post here to catch this blog up. It has been a wild time in the Fisher household, which is becoming nothing out of the ordinary! I also realized today that I need to post new pictures. The pictures from November show my baby girl! I have a much bigger girl today! Hard to believe in three months she will be two! She is proving to her family everyday though that she is getting closer to the terrific (lets leave terrible out of it) twos!!!

In the coming days, I am going to post about harvest this year. It was a memorable one for so many reasons! Of course, the freeze provided less than desirable yields. And this year, Kevin and I cut wheat by ourselves for the first time. We have always done it with his family, and decided this year we would venture out on our own. The five of us worked hard, were exhausted for ten days, and have memories that will last a lifetime! I can't wait to share some of it here on this blog! I will be bored stiff someday when my children grow up and don't ride in a wheat truck with me anymore!

Kinsley has discovered the potty. She isn't potty trained, but she does manage to stay dry for several hours during the day and most nights. I have mixed emotions about this. Crazy I know. With the boys, they were content with their diapers. They weren't fully potty trained until well after their third birthday. But it was okay! When they did it, they went all the way. No bed wetting, very few accidents, and they were just done with diapers PERIOD! I know Kinsley loves the potty, but I don't want it to be something that we try to do, and then we regress. I think that would cause more frustration and disappointment for her than anything else! So we are just going to play that by ear for the rest of the summer and see where it goes!

The boys are....Well, BOYS! They are having a good summer. The one thing I have yet to hear is that they are bored! They are having a good time at the library and are enjoying their time on the swim team. We are considering letting them continue that this winter. It is something for them to do and keep them occupied. We will see how it goes. They are also excited that Transformers comes out this week. They have been counting down to that movie all month long. The wheat truck was full of stories about Megatron and Optimus Prime!

Stay tuned for the Harvest 2009 post. You won't want to miss how I am now known as "Pepper" by one of my six year olds, and many other interesting tidbits!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Break has started

The boys are officially done with Kindergarten. It is hard to believe that it went by so fast. I had whip lash as it zoomed on by.

During the school year, the boys are very structured. All of us are. We get up at the same time each day. We go to bed at the same time each night (they are usually in bed by 7:45 since the bus comes at 7:05 in the morning). They have their rituals of making their bed, brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, and their afternoon rituals of reading, backpack cleanout, and putting everything away. We just have a routine that we go through.

Kevin and I have talked at length as to what this summer should look like for them. We want to make sure of course that they have fun, but it is very important to us that they learn responsibility and that we don't shy too far away from our school time routine. The boys' teacher next year is a wonderful educator, but she is also very strict. We want to ease their transition time by making sure they are ready to have structure next fall in school.

We had discussed the boys helping around the house this summer. They already do quite a bit. They help with the laundry, they work on the dishes, they pick up the living room and their room and the toys, and help Kinsley with her room; they are also GREAT big brothers!!! I wanted to do something that would not only encourage them to help, but would also reward them when they help. So I came up with the Chore Chart for each boy. There are 20 different things on the list. The things are varied in nature. Somethings, like brush your teeth, happen more than one time per day, while others like dusting, happen weekly. There are simple things on there like ride your bike for 30 minutes or run 10 laps around the house. There are things that require more effort like Make your bed or fold laundry.

The point was to get them off the couch and give them something to look forward to this summer. For each chore completed to Mom's approval, they get a star. When they get 25 stars, they get 1 gold star. After 10 gold stars, they get to buy a Nintendo DS game, or something equivalent. Right now, they are outside helping Dad build fence. They get a star for every hour they spend with him outside.

It is not that I am organized or scheduled to the point where we can't have a day of relaxation or fun. Trust me, if you could see my house right now, you would know that I need a chore chart too; FlyLady may just become Mom's New BEST Friend!!! I just wanted something to keep them busy, be able to reward them from time to time for a job well done, and in the process, keep the house somewhat decent with five people in it for the next three months.

Now before anyone starts screaming child labor and all of that, they are getting to do fun things this summer. Both boys are participating on the swim team in Kingfisher. They will also be spending time at the library because they have book goals they have to reach before school starts. Reading a book is something that is also on the chore chart list.

And since we aren't planning a big vacation this year (hopefully we will go someplace BIG next summer), we are planning little day trips to places like Frontier City, White Water Bay, the Zoo and so on. These day-cations are also part of their reward for being Mom and Dad's helpers this summer.

People have raised their eyebrows, questioned my motives, wondered if the boys are too small to do these things and so on....So I felt it was important to set the record straight. I know most of the people I have told about my chart read my blog, so I wanted everyone to know where the chart idea came from. It is less about whether the house is clean or if I have built in slaves all summer, but more about teaching my children independence and responsibility.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have spent most of the day cleaning our house (and I am still not done, but it looks better). I used to think when Kevin and I were just Kevin and I, that the house couldn't possibly get any worse. There was no way that we could ever have more laundry or more dishes to do. That this would be the worst of it.....Then came twins!

When the boys were born it was survival mode. I did what I had to do, and nothing else matter. If the dishes were dirty, they were just dirty. If the floor had toys scattered about, it just did. If the toilets went more than a week without being cleaned, it just happened. You get the idea. We did that out of necessity. Kevin was working on the farm and building his spraying business. I was fully devoted to the boys and had to be. I didn't always like the way the house looked or felt, but it was part of it.

Then we moved and doubled our square footage. We moved into a almost 2000 square foot home with an extra bathroom (we now have 3) and two extra bedrooms, as well as a massive living area, dining room, kitchen w/nook, and a nice sized Master bedroom. I loved it. And it was so new, that I kept it clean. We had gotten rid of so much before we moved, and didn't have furniture to fill it. It was simple, but happy living.

Fast Forward five years...We have added our family's jewel, Kinsley, and a lot, lot, lot of other things. We have a dining room set, a breakfast table, furniture in our room, nice living room furniture, the boys bedroom stuff, Kinsley's stuff, and TOYS, TOYS, TOYS and TOYS! Did I mention TOYS?

The simplistic nature of those first couple of months in this house are long past. And while I love the way our house looks when it is cleaned, I hate the way it looks when it is not. There is nothing inviting, warm, cozy, or nice about a messy house. Toys rule the roost, along with Kinsley, in our house. She even got mad this weekend as the four of us worked to clean house. She threw a constant fit, and finally had to go to bed. I know from experience it is just part of having a toddler. They move onto the next thing quicker than they can think about what they left behind.

My question is how do other Moms do it? This question is mainly geared at those that have children at home still. Before you have kids or after they are gone, it is not the same. It isn't like a woman with no children is going to find a poop pile where her daughter went after her bath last night on her new carpet (that was this morning's discovery in the dining room), unless she has a dog:). Do other moms just live with the mess? Do you obsess over cleaning? How do you do it? Do you do How does it all get done? I am curious and if you are brave enough to be honest, post a comment or email me:) I appreciate it!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hello Family and Friends,

Kevin's uncle, Gene Henderson, and his family need your prayers right now. As many of you know, he was diagnosed with Leukemia last summer. His battle has had many ups and downs along the way.

They were recently preparing for his stem cell transplant only to get word that his diagnosis of a Chronic type of Leukemia was now being defined as an Acute Leukemia. The treatment is much more aggressive, and Gene is currently in the hospital. His Daughter, Elisha Basford, created a Caring Bridge site for her Dad to keep everyone updated on his progress. He should be in the hospital for chemotherapy for the next 4-6 weeks.

You can visit his caring bridge site by
clicking here. The link will also be listed under my favorite links.

Thank you for remembering Uncle Gene, Aunt Marilyn, Eddie, Jordan, Josh, Adam and Elisha in your prayers during this difficult time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why are we still doing this?

Editor's Note: I wrote the following post a couple of weeks ago....Since this time, we are still in a wait and see approach about the crop. It has been cool and wet so it is hard to tell what we have. We continue to wait for an insurance adjuster to come out, and assess the damage. And we look forward to marking 10 years together two weeks from today!!!!

Ok, since it was rhetorical, I know the answer to the question, but it still makes me wander sometimes!

Kevin and I are less than a month away from our 10 year anniversary. We were two young pups when we married! I thought I was fat, (I have since realized that was so not the case!), I thought I was older than my 19 years, and I knew everything there was to know about life. I think when you are young, it always seems that way. You think there is nothing that you haven't seen or lived through....Until there is!

I love our life on the farm. It is a great, serene place to raise a family and to live. I love that we are teaching our children all about their heritage through the farm. I love that we live where my husband's grandparents once had a home. I love the history I see when I look outside. I even love the way each triumph and disaster causes my brain to do a rewind, and I tend to replay all of the major triumphs and disaster we have had in 10 years of farming together.

This is usually one of my most favorite times of year! I am ready to get outside and start gardening. It is always exciting watching the wheat head out and get ever closer to harvest. It is amazing the way those little plants can change in a matter of weeks. I always marvel at Mother Nature and how the conditions have to be just perfect for us to make a living.

We have lived through a couple of years of drought, a late season freeze a couple of years ago, to flooding rains where it literally didn't stop raining for weeks on end. We even broke records here in Oklahoma for the most consecutive number of days with rain. I can't remember the total, but I know it was well above 20.

Last year, what can I say. It was the type of year you farm for. We had a bumper crop, a fantastic price, and looked forward to this year after harvest was over with!

Fast Forward...The wheat was planted in Sept and October. It came up and started to grow. We lived through a couple of months of no rain. It needed a drink but wasn't to the point of no return. We caught a couple of rains recently and it looked to be on track for an average crop. Then, a HARD FREEZE set in almost two weeks ago. Temperatures dipped into the teens and low twenties. We sat and waited and hoped for the best, but feared the worst!

Our fears were realized earlier this week! The heads that are usually bright green and ready to produce a crop are for the most part white and dried up. A crop that once looked to be a 35-40 bushel wheat crop has been reduced to a 5-10 bushel crop, if we are lucky.

Of course, we are insured. If past experience has taught us nothing else, it is to carry crop insurance! And as comforting as that is, it will not be the same. You spend all summer (June, July, August) working ground and preparing it for a crop. You spend most of Sept and Oct sowing the crop. You watch it for bugs, weeds and pests all winter. You spray it with fertilizer. You watch in amazement as it grows, heads out, turns from a bright green to a golden yellow color and is ready to cut by the end of May/first of June. You invest a whole year's worth of money, work, sweat and tears into this crop to watch either as your cattle eat it into the ground, you swath it and bale it up, or you cut it and get lucky to get a truck load out of the field. It is truly disheartening.

Will there be another wheat crop after this one? Yes. Will we be okay and move on? Yes. Will we soon forget this year? I highly doubt it! So the question still remains, why are we still doing this? It is for those years like last year when you hit a proverbial home run as Kevin would say. It is the pride and enjoyment we take in our hard work. It feels like sometimes it is about getting knocked down to the point where you think you are going to break, and rising back up from it!

Those two kids still have that same twinkle in their eyes that they had when the married almost ten years ago. They cherish and love each other more than they ever thought possible. And they have grown up and learned some of the hard lessons life has to provide! But they continue to have trust and faith in not only in each other, but that the Lord will provide just as He always has, and it will all work out in the end!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have a BB now and take videos more often. I wasn't thinking this weekend though...I should have taken video of the boys going off the diving boards at the VSAC in Kingfisher. IT WAS AWESOME!!! They both went off with no life jackets, no one else in the pool, and swam to the side. I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED!! Dilon also went off the big diving board four times. That is something Mom has done one time and swore never again!

Here is little sister eating pudding!

Listen to this laugh! It is hilarious!

Here are the boys at the swimming pool! They had two b-day parties last Saturday at the same place - the indoor swim pool in Kingfisher. We were at the pool from 10:00 am to 3:15 pm with a break at McD's for lunch. Thankfully, they know how to swim well enough that Mom didn't have to get in!

Here is Dilon going off the big board, and afterwards in 13 feet depth of water!

Here is Damon going off the board, and after in 13 feet deep water by himself!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I do this from time to time...I don't have pictures, or any one thing to talk about, so I talk about a whole bunch of little things! Since I haven't updated in a month, I need to catch the blog up!

We have all had something in the last month. Kevin had a sinus infection in February. Dilon has a croup/stridor attack and was admitted to the hospital in March. Kinsley had an ear infection. Dilon and I brought home pink eye from the hospital. Damon had allergies and a cough. I had a sinus infection that antibiotics and steriods couldn't clear up. It lingered the last two weeks. It hasn't been much fun at our house!

Then the weather. For those of you not in Oklahoma, or for those that have never lived in or visited our state for any length of time, you don't know what you are missing with our weather. We had started cleaning out flower beds. The trees were in full bloom. The 80 degree weather had returned, and I really thought the weathermen were nuts when they were talking about snow this weekend. Well it happened. Not as much here as they thought, but to the north of here there were record snow totals of almost two feet for a March storm. CRAZY!!!! The old saying of "If you don't like the weather in OK, wait five minutes. It is sure to change." really held true this last week.

Kinsley is becoming quite opinionated. She loves OooooEEEEs (oreos). She doesn't like her diaper anymore and will gladly go to her room to get it changed. She has started showing interest in her potty!!! YEAH!!! A funny story to share: The other day she was practicing on her potty. She just had a shirt on and was practicing in the kitchen while I cooked supper. She noticed I had cheese out. Next to OOOOOEEEES, cheese is her other favorite. Well, she got two slices and went to the table. It didn't dawn on me or her that she still didn't have her diaper on. About that time, I heard her cry. She had peed all over the dining room chair:)!! Her frustration was evident. I reassured her it was ok, but she was so mad that she went and hit her potty!

The boys reading and comprehension level still continues to amaze me. They are reading at about a 1.5 grade level right now. Not too shabby for Kindergartners! And they come up with the darnedest things! Today during Sunday school, they were discussing sin. There teacher asked them if they had done something they knew was wrong that they should ask God for forgiveness for...Dilon thought about it and said, "Yes, I tripped my sister." The teacher said, "Well you didn't mean too, and so we can ask for God to forgive us." Dilon said, "No, I really meant to trip her!" Gotta love the honesty of a six year old!

There are also still prayer requests all around us....Morgan is doing great! She still needs prayers, but thankfully the cancer has not returned. Connor's treatment of his second cancer needs prayers of direction and healing. Uncle Gene has one match for a bone marrow transplant and may have another that might even possibly be better than the first.

A young woman, Shelly, that we attend church with is recovering from viral meningitis. The prognosis looks good; however, they found out that she is pregnant. The pregnancy needs prayers after all the testing and medications she used to treat her virus. She and her husband had been trying to conceive for six years, so prayers would definitely be appreciated.

Kevin's cousin, Suzi, is also expecting again around Halloween. Her first pregnancy went well, but she is considered high risk due to her being diabetic. Kevin's other cousins, Toby and Tammy, are expecting their first child in May! They will be welcoming a little boy!

And no, all of these babies, plus the numerous ones in our community that are not listed here, does NOT make me want a baby again. God willing, our family is complete! Total I think I know of seven to eight women right now that are pregnant either in our community or in our family. I have figured out that babies are fun to play with and then give back!!!

I think that about covers everything that has been going on! Stay tuned for Birthday Pictures in the next couple of weeks...Niece Avery turns 1 on Wednesday and her party is next weekend!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Toddler Bed Time

We had a momentous moment in the Fisher house today: We converted the crib into a toddler bed.

I had been thinking for a couple of weeks that it would be coming in the next couple of months. I remember doing it for the boys as we moved into the new house. It was right before they turned two. They were so excited that day to be able to climb in and out of their beds by themselves. I just thought I would still have a while until Kinsley would need it done. I should have known better!

The boys and I were sweeping the kitchen floor today. Damon had the dust pan, Dilon had the broom and I had the little sweeper. Kinsley was only getting in the way. So, I went and put her in bed. My phone rang and I didn't get the door shut to her room as I walked out. I was talking with Kevin on the phone, when I looked down and saw Kinsley. I asked the boys which one went and got her. They swore they didn't do it. So I hung up the phone, and we tested it out. Sure enough, she stuck her chunky little leg up to the top bar, and over she came.
We have had her mattress on the bottom for along time. It is the only way she would stay in her crib, even when she was small. We took the round pole off of the top of her bed a couple of months ago. She kept getting her arm caught in between. I knew if I put it back on, we ran the risk of her leg or arm getting caught. So we took off the front of her bed and added the toddler brace. She thinks she is big stuff now!!!
She has spent the last fifteen minutes just sitting on her bed. She gets up, gets a toy and then gets back on her bed. She loves it!!!! I should have known...She had found a box earlier in the week, climb on it, and got into the boys captain's beds. She would lay against their pillows, cover up with a blanket, pick up a book and read to herself. Totally cute!!!! Then she would yell, "MAMAMAMAMA" when it was time to get down!

She is growing up so fast!!!! The boys are very impressed!!!! They even gave up their spare pillow so she would have one now in her big girl bed!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


We take so many in life. I am not taking about the ones that you spend weeks planning and then get to leave and go away from it all for a couple of days. I am not talking about little day trips here and there.

I am talking about the trips in life that come up everyday. I am talking about those trips we take everyday whether intentional or not. I am talking about those first times we do things like leave our children at school, or start a new job.

We had a first kind of trip today. Damon made a trip to the principal's office. I should preface this story with the fact that Kevin and I have put the fear of God into the boys about being in trouble. And granted Damon went to the principal's office last year because his teacher just needed a place for him to cool down. He never actually spoke to the principal. Today was different. He was at recess with our principal and kicked the boogy board and threw a fit. The principal told him to go and sit in his office. Mr. Mendell then explained to him that he couldn't throw a fit like that over something so insignificant.

I was very proud of Damon. I know, imagine that. He didn't try to hide any of this from me. Instead, he came home with those big puppy dog brown eyes and I just knew instantly something wasn't right. I asked and he started crying before he even got inside. He told me what happened (all of it). I think Mom might have shocked him too: I didn't yell or scream at him. Instead, I explained what he did that was wrong, he spent some time in his room and got credit for the fact that he didn't lie to me.

I am sure his trip home was excruciating enough knowing that he would have to tell Mom and Dad what happened. It is a trip that I doubt he forgets for awhile.

They get to take one of those cool day trips tomorrow: we are going to the circus with their class. The boys are so excited! I am excited to get to go and go with my good friends to OKC. It will be a treat!

I will have to post more about that trip tomorrow:) And I would encourage each of you to go down memory lane and think about those trips in life...The other ones! They can be just as meaningful, if not more, than the ones we spend weeks planning.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Haley Raye:)


My sister sent me some better pictures, so I am adding a couple of them!!! ENJOY:)

Kevin and I have a new niece: Haley Raye:)

She was born last Friday to my sister, Ashley, and her husband, Darin. She weighed 7 lbs 12 oz, and was 19.75 inches long.

My sister had a time of it. She was to be induced early Friday morning. Bless her heart it got no where. Her doctor and her decided that a C-Section would be the best way to proceed and Haley was born at 8:30 that evening.

I will post pictures soon. This week has been crazy and I haven't had time to upload them yet:) Congrats to the three of them at they start out as a family together!

They have already had heart stopping moments this week! The tornadoes in OKC were less than a mile from where Ashley and Darin live in Edmond. It was quite scary, but thankfully everyone is fine!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Allergy Testing

I took Kinsley yesterday for allergy testing. We determined that it would not be necessary right now to test for all the weeds and grasses, but they went ahead and did the food testing. She is officially allergic to Peanuts and Eggs. However, until they do blood testing, we won't know the exact severity. She had about the same reaction, size wise, to both, so that is kinda of scary given we had no clue about the eggs.

I had no idea that her eczema is most likely related to her allergic conditions. I thought it was independent but the PA said that most likely it is related at least on some level. Her breathing was also a concern due to croup that she had this week.

So they sent us home with a long list of meds for her breathing, her skin, prevention, and emergency precaution. I can't imagine what my little cancer patient friends' moms go through with meds. I brought home four lotions, nose spray, two neubulizer medications, Zyrtec, an Epi-Pen, and five pages of instruction on avoiding eggs, peanuts, and cough action plan instructions, and I WAS OVERWHEMED!

Today, we went to Kingfisher to get her blood drawn. That was a mistake. Her little veins are almost invisible. They stuck her in three different spots. One vein they couldn't get to in her hand, her one in her right arm collapsed, and her left arm they couldn't find the vein. They gave up! I called the Dr. and we are supposed to go sometime next week to OKC to Mercy Hospital where they have someone who specializes in Pediatric Labs. Kinsley was a trooper though. She cried (of course), but it never took more than thirty seconds for her to stop after each stick, and she even went back to the bed after each stick like it was no big deal. She is one tough little cookie!!!

Say a special prayer today for my sister, Ashley. She is in the hospital, being induced today. Haley should be here sometime today or tomorrow. Also, keep praying for Morgan, Connor, Logan, and Gene! I know more people with cancer right now than I care too!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Craziness at our House

Peanuts are the new thing reeking havoc on our household. We had had problems in the past with Kinsley and a peanut butter granola bar. We were assured then it was probably more of a skin reaction and less of an allergy. She has eczema too, so the pediatrician along with us assumed she just had sensitive skin, until today!

I had given her a PB sandwich before today. I always watched her closely. Lunch was almost ready, but she was upset. So, I made her a quick sandwich to tide her over. She was so irritable. She wouldn't eat; she just spread it everywhere, and got very little into her mouth. She ate some rice, and then we put her to bed.

She just kept crying and crying in her crib, which is very usual for her. I went back to her, only to find her lips, eyes, nose and cheeks swollen. Her eyes were almost swollen shut, her lips were huge, her nose was barely recognizable. I gave her Benedryl and we took a shower to get any remaining peanut oil off of her. Then we headed for Kingfisher.

Instead of going to the ER, we went to our family doctor's office. They got us right in. I started crying as soon as we were in the room. It was relief that she was where they could at least take care of her, and I felt AWFUL! Dr. Krablin assured me that it was nothing I could have predicted, and THANK GOD her breathing was fine. She has been on medicine the rest of the day. Her face has started to return to normal, but she had a bad rash this afternoon. We also now have an epipen in the event she turns blue and can't breath. He said it wouldn't have been necessary today, but wanted us to have it until we can figure out what caused her allergy for sure.

She is now going to be tested for allergies, as we have to pinpoint for sure what caused this. She has to refrain from anything containing peanuts of any kind, until we know for sure what we are dealing with. They are hoping to get her in somewhere next week.

I have a severe allergy to shellfish. It was so similar to that today. My heart broke for her. I just wanted to make it better for her, and I couldn't do anything. She has fought being tired from the Benedryl all day. She has slept for maybe a total of thirty minutes all day. Hopefully, she won't fight me when it is time for bed in a little while.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another First for Kinsley...Prize Fighter Status!!!

We made our first ER visit this weekend with sissy. Thankfully, it was not serious; but, it was still a trip!

The last three weeks in church have been interesting. I have explained that we do not have a nursery since it is a small country church that we attend. Kevin and I don't get to listen to the sermons. Kinsley occupies that time now. Two weeks ago, she stuck her finger up Kevin's nose and made it bleed for ten minutes, right during the sermon. Last week, she apparently wasn't feeling well, and diarrhea sat in during the middle of the sermon. It took two of us to clean her up.

This week, we made an ER run right before the sermon started. I think she may be anti our minister, LOL. She was walking in the side room of our church because she didn't want to sit still. Kevin had gotten up with her. She tripped and he grabbed her jeans to try and stop her from hitting the floor. Instead, her top teeth went through her bottom lip and her bottom teeth cut the inside of her mouth. It was bleeding so much that we initially thought it had went all the way through. So we picked everything up, left the boys with Kevin's parents, and took off for the ER. Thankfully, it was laying nice enough it didn't need stitches. They put a Steri-Strip on it and told us to follow the precautions for a hit on the head.

That wasn't all that happened that day, unfortunately. Both Kinsley's parents got in on creating injury for her. We were checking our heifers in the back. One had just had her first calf. Kevin got out. The Tahoe was too much of a distraction for the cattle and Kinsley was in the front seat to look at the "moooooos." I went around to get in and move the vehicle. I didn't realize Kinsley was leaning against the door. She feel out before I could grab her and skidded on the ground. She had dead grass in every inch of her hair along with what looks like rug burns all down the side of her face.

So, she has a cut under her bottom lip. She has a splotch on her cheek from eczema that she has itched. She has rug burn type marks on her forehead, under her eye, and on her chin. She looks like a prize fighter! Poor girl!!! You can still see the marks (in the picture) but they do look much better!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally...Dilon lost his first tooth!!!

It has been along time coming in the Fisher house. We have been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for this tooth to come out. I even bought them tooth fairy pillows for Christmas with their names on them so that we could further celebrate when Dilon lost his first tooth.

Eating an apple this morning finally did the trick. He came in here to my office, holding the apple with the tooth dangling. He was so excited!! He wanted his picture taken, the tooth in his new pillow and for all of the information to be put on the blog!

Congrats, DILON!!!!
Also, Check out the laundry story again below. I had forgotten I took a picture of her in the dryer before Christmas. The boys were helping and she was trying too!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Toenail clippers....

I know that may sound strange. I thought it was a strange thing to post about, until last night.

Kinsley came into my bathroom while I was getting ready to go to a ballgame. She was fully dressed right down to her socks and shoes. I was talking to her and she was talking back. Quite the little conversation we had:). She was quiet all of the sudden and I thought she had gone. Instead, she had gotten into my top drawer in my bathroom. She had dug out the toenail clippers. When I looked down, she had her left sock and shoe off. She had the toenail clippers held over her toe. Thankfully they were closed and she couldn't trim her own toes.

It is amazing the things she is picking up. I stand in amazement every day at the things she watches us do once or twice, and then tries to mimic. I am so thankful that it is just as amazing the second time around as it was when the boys were small.

Have a great weekend and take the time to enjoy the little things in life!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can help too!!

I am a mean Mom. I make the boys do chores. Ok...I know I am not mean and that I am only preparing them for life outside of the confines of this house. Sometimes though they think I am mean.

They have simple tasks to do daily. They have to make their beds, put away their school stuff, keep their stuff picked up. General things that they know well and do daily without much complaint. We also have a front load washing machine and dryer. For quite awhile now, they switch the laundry out for me. I have even taught them the basics to sorting. Basically they know anything of theirs can go into the washer, except red clothes. That is a seperate load and Kinsley's things also are seperate.

Kinsley has decided, like most younger siblings, that being one year old is not going to stop her from doing the things her brothers do. She is going to help too. That brings us to the most recent disaster in our house.

I had women's group at our house this last Sunday night for our church ladies. We spent all day Saturday cleaning the house. Kevin got back early from fire training (THANKFULLY) and we were talking. The kids were loading the washing machine and dryer. I added the detergent. It is a pull out tray that fascinates Kinsley. She likes to open and shut it. It is not always a good thing; there have been times she does it mid-load and water will go everywhere.

This time however it was closed up. We were standing in the kitchen (THANKFULLY, again) when water started shooting out from the dispenser (it was closed). We turned the machine off. Kevin went to work. We were sure it was probably the hard water we have, and that it had clogged the hose to the dispenser. Kevin finally got it all apart only to find a pair of my underwear that had been stuffed into the hose and was now clogging the passage way.

There is no other way for the undies to get into that hose except for them to be put into the detergent dispenser. The little "helper" had to have done it mid load at one time or another. I would have noticed them had she done it at the beginning or end of a load. They had been in their awhile and had finally gotten lodged to where the water couldn't pass anymore.

Life with a toddler again is NEVER dull!!! She is proving that to Mama on a daily basis!!!

I have a funny about Damon too. The boys are more aware of the political process now that they are in school. They watched history made yesterday with Pres. Obama taking office. Damon came home and said "Mama, we watched Rock Obama become President today." I told him that I think his name is Barack. He said, "Mom, I watched him on TV all day, and his name is Rock Obama." He had also tried to convince his teacher that the superintendent of our school was the former president. Dilon was just enamored that "George Bush was no longer President" and had to go back to where he came from. The six-year-old brain is an amazing thing!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Year of Me!!!

I just wanted to post here that I have started another blog all about ME! It may sound selfish, but I encourage each of you to check it out. It is about starting my virtual assistance practice and about my journey in weight loss. I have even admitted how much I used to weigh, how much I have lost, how many inches are now gone, and I think I have gone insane!!! I have to own the numbers though!!! ENJOY!! There is also links on both blogs to each other:)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My little Tornado!!!

Until just recently, I had forgotten what life with a toddler was like. When the boys were small, things were such a blur. Life was a frantic pace. One would be a monster one week, and about the time we could breathe again, the other one would head down the same path.

I had forgotten what it was like to go to church with them (we don't have a nursery for them in our small, country church). We let them loose in the basement and would take turns watching them each Sunday.

I had forgotten that they liked to draw on everything. I don't know how many times Dennis would come to our front door and find it covered in crayon. I would clean it off, just in time to have it decorated again.

I had forgotten how fascinating it was to the boys to hide things in shoes, in the toilet, under their beds, and anywhere else they could carry things.

I had forgotten how fascinating climbing was to them once they figured it out. The death defying climbs they used to make on top of our bar while I was in another room nearly stopped my heart several times.

I had forgotten the reasons why we never took them out to eat. We couldn't manage two squirming toddlers while waiting to be seated for forty-five minutes. If we did, by the time we got to the table, we did anything but enjoy the meal. So we stopped doing that until they were older.

I had forgotten that my towels never stayed folded longer than five minutes, my shower was a place of amusement and play, my laundry basket made a good go kart or stand (depending on the way it was turned), my makeup was fun to play with, and so on!

I had forgotten all of this until NOW! We have a toddler in the house again. Thankfully, for my sanity, there is only one this time. But, nonetheless, she is making her mark on our household. I found a new roll of toilet paper in the toilet two days ago. It had been unrolled and stuffed in that little hole at the bottom. Dilon tried to flush it before I could stop him. Imagine the mess.

The toilet is a huge fascination. I went into the bathroom the other day. I sat down and the seat was wet. I looked to the floor. It looked like we had a flood in our bathroom. The smallest member of the family had scooped out water with her new toy kitchen utensils and dumped it all over the floor. When asked about it (while Daddy was holding her) she smiled and then buried her head in her father's chest. She has this Daddy thing figured out.

She wants to color on everything, including herself! Damon started screaming the other morning. She had went into their room, found their markers (yes, they were put up in a drawer), taken the lids off, and "decorated" herself, her sweatshirt, and her pants. She had started on the boys' beds when Damon started yelling. The boys now keep their door shut and listen as Kinsley makes music on the door while they are inside:)

My heart has also been racing with her too!!! She loves to climb. I came out of the shower the other morning to find her on top of our table. The boys were supposed to watch her. They watched her alright. They watched as she climbed on the chair; they watched as she climbed onto the table; they watched as she sat down on the table and ate from the bowl of M&Ms candy.

Life with a toddler. Can you remember those days? I had forgotten what is was like until just recently. While there are moments of insanity, there is nothing like a mac and cheese covered face giving you a kiss. Or a chocolate covered hand reaching up to grab your finger. There is nothing like finding a marker smudge on your face from your child's newly drawn marker tattoos. I wouldn't trade this time for anything...except maybe an unclogged toilet!!! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Here are some pictures I have been going to post for awhile now, but haven't had a chance. They are some of my favorites of the kiddos from Curtis and Robin's wedding day! I liked them so much that I made Carol a quilt out of them for Christmas. Enjoy!!!

Kinsley, Grandma (Carol), Granddad (Dennis), Avery, Damon and Dilon

My beautiful children with my handsome husband

Daddy with his "Sweet Pea"

My precious little boys who are growing way too fast!

All dressed up to be ring bearers for Uncle Curtis!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cancer all around:(

Such a terrible disease. It affects so many. Some survive, while others loose their battle. It touches all in different ways. But yet, it seems to have no end. There are more different types than the mind can fathom. And yet there are families that know more about each of them than they would like too. It seems right now it is all around. I want to ask any of you that come across this to please pray for the following people. For some reason, more bad news has followed each of them in the last month than good:(

First, I want to ask for continued prayers for Kevin's uncle, Gene Henderson. He goes to the specialist I believe on the 27th to learn more about where they will go with a bone marrow transplant and a new course of action. He has Leukemia, although I am not sure what type.

Next, there is my little friend, Morgan Snowden. Her site is linked to mine under my favorite links. They got some not so great news yesterday. The spinal tap she had before Christmas had two leukemia blasts in the fluid. Anything over five is considered relapse. They will now have to wait two weeks in order to have confirmation. Please pray that she has not relapsed and for her family to have stength during this difficult waiting game!

There is also a link under my favorites for Connor Cruse. He has been fighting Neuroblastoma Stage 4 cancer for three and half years. Before Christmas, he was having problems and they discovered a large mass pushing against his stomack and bleeding ulcers. They are not sure what the mass is, and are in the middle of waiting to see what it is and what can be done.

I can't imagine the rollercoaster ride these families are on, but they each need prayers, love, and support! Thank you!!!!