Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cancer all around:(

Such a terrible disease. It affects so many. Some survive, while others loose their battle. It touches all in different ways. But yet, it seems to have no end. There are more different types than the mind can fathom. And yet there are families that know more about each of them than they would like too. It seems right now it is all around. I want to ask any of you that come across this to please pray for the following people. For some reason, more bad news has followed each of them in the last month than good:(

First, I want to ask for continued prayers for Kevin's uncle, Gene Henderson. He goes to the specialist I believe on the 27th to learn more about where they will go with a bone marrow transplant and a new course of action. He has Leukemia, although I am not sure what type.

Next, there is my little friend, Morgan Snowden. Her site is linked to mine under my favorite links. They got some not so great news yesterday. The spinal tap she had before Christmas had two leukemia blasts in the fluid. Anything over five is considered relapse. They will now have to wait two weeks in order to have confirmation. Please pray that she has not relapsed and for her family to have stength during this difficult waiting game!

There is also a link under my favorites for Connor Cruse. He has been fighting Neuroblastoma Stage 4 cancer for three and half years. Before Christmas, he was having problems and they discovered a large mass pushing against his stomack and bleeding ulcers. They are not sure what the mass is, and are in the middle of waiting to see what it is and what can be done.

I can't imagine the rollercoaster ride these families are on, but they each need prayers, love, and support! Thank you!!!!

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