Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Becoming Mobile

We saw much family this last weekend. We had Aunt Tara's baby shower at our house and then we celebrated Easter with the rest of the family. Miss Kinsley has added new tricks since seeing family this weekend. Just in the last few days, she is sitting up for much, much longer periods of time. She is also proficient now in rolling over both ways. She is using this in combination with scooting on her back to get around. And the newest and cutest thing just happened: She had clearance of her belly from the ground and was up on all fours for a brief moment. I was so excited for her!

Having two older brothers, Kinsley has a lot to keep up with. It is amazing that even after watching the two older ones accomplish all of this, it is still utterly amazing and exciting watching her do the same things. I wandered if there would still be a sense of joy and astonishment in watching our third child accomplish things we had already seen in the boys. I am glad to report I am just as amazed and proud!!!!

Happy "late" Easter to all and HAPPY SPRING!!! I am so excited that it is warming up outside. The kids love outside and have been enjoying the weather!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dilon is doing GREAT!!!

Hi all!!!

Dilon is doing well!!! We returned home around 10:30. We are keeping him very consistent on his pain medicine to ward off any pain for the next couple of days. He wanted a Wacky Pack from Sonic with French Toast Sticks and Tater Tots. Not sure how good that was in the category of soft foods but he was so hungry that he ate it all plus a Jello snack that I thrown in for him for the ride home. He has ate me out of house and home today already and is drinking like he is supposed too. He is watching Bee Movie right now and resting. I am truly amazed at how well he is doing.

I actually sat in the waiting room this morning wandering if we made the right decision. I got my answer after his surgery. The doctor told us that he had tonsils the size of a 50 year old man. He hadn't seen any that big in a child of his age in a very long time. He asked if he was having breathing problems. I told him I didn't think so. Well, on the way home, Dilon mentioned that he could breath so much better. I guess in a way I am thankful for the strep throat. Without it, we wouldn't have pursued the tonsils and Dilon probably would have had worse problems later in life.

Have a wonderful Friday and a nice Weekend!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Surgery Time

I just wanted to update and let you all know that Dilon's surgery is scheduled for 6:30 tomorrow morning. We have to be there at 5:45. It will be an early start to the day, but thankfully it won't require to much to keep him away from food/drinks that early in the morning. And the cutoff time tonight for food/drink is well past bedtime.

I also wasn't sure how long a surgery this is or how they put them out. He will be in surgery for thirty to forty five minutes. They use gas to put him under. Thank goodness, I was relieved. The child would have come unhinged with an IV!!!

Morgan is doing better today. They gave her meds to help with the swelling and thankfully, no evidence of cancer was found yesterday. Her fluid was clear!!! Thank you to all of those who prayed for her yesterday. I know her family appreciates it more than words can say!!!

Well have a great afternoon!!! I will update tomorrow when I have a chance and let you all know how Dilon is doing!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prayers Needed

I feel like the last couple of weeks this is all I have done: Ask my family and friends to pray. Tonight is no different.

My little friend, Morgan, needs prayers in the worst way right now. If you haven't checked her site lately, you need to go and read the journal entries from the last couple of days. She is in Children's Hospital again and is in a great deal of pain. Please visit her site and pray for her and her family. Mark, her Daddy, is someone Kevin went to school with. He was two years older than him. When you live in a small community, you know everyone and most likely have known them for years if not your entire life. So, everyone becomes more like family than friends. Her site is to the right under favorite links.

Also, please remember our Dilon. He goes in on Friday morning (we don't have a time yet) for his tonsil removal. He has been letting everyone at school know he won't be there on Friday so I know it is on his mind quite a bit. We have done our best to be upbeat and positive about it. It would just be great to know we have prayers being sent to heaven for him in addition to our own:)

Tara, my sister-in-law, is doing better. The bed rest has done the trick and the blood pressure has retreated. Just please continue to remember her:)

Thank you in advance for your prayers. It has been a long start to 2008. Hopefully, the year will start to go uphill now that Spring is just around the corner!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Best Ball Player

Ok here is a story that Kevin and I are still talking about. It all started last weekend.

We both feel it is important to share the rich history of our high school's basketball tradition with our children. The kiddos made every State Tournament game and we went to several throughout the season and playoffs. Well, it must have struck a cord with Dilon.

In the State of Oklahoma, the Fairgrounds Arena in OKC turns into the "Big House" this time of year. It is the spot where every HS basketball athelete wants to play. Only a select few do. The last two years they have allowed one class to play all three days there while the other three classes get to play in a different location on Thursday and then play at the Big House on Friday and Saturday. This hasn't always been the case. When Kevin and I were in HS, more times than not, you played your first two games elsewhere and then only played Saturday at the Fairgrounds. Daddy made it to State twice, losing in the quarterfinals both times (if I am wrong he will correct me on this LOL). Mommy made it to State twice. The first time I was a freshmen, we went to the finals and got beat and earned a silver ball. During my JR year, we went and played the second day in the Fairgrounds and got beat.

You need all of that to understand this story. We are going to the doctor this last week. Dilon was very interested in basketball, especially the State Tournament. He wants to get big and strong and play in the Big House someday. He asked if Daddy was good at ball. I told him that his Daddy was very good at basketball. He was very gifted in that area. He asked if Daddy ever got to play in the "big house." I told him no Daddy never got to do that. Then he asked if I was good at basketball. I told him I was ok, but Daddy was better. He asked if I got to play in the 'BIG HOUSE.' I told him yes, a couple of times.

Dilon is my thinker. He is also five, so his reasoning is very innocent and black and white. He looked at me and said, "Well, you must have been better than Daddy because you got to play in the Big House and only really good ball players get to do that!" I told him it didn't exactly work like that and then I had to just bust out laughing. His Daddy, on the other hand, didn't find it near as funny.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Strength of Character

Ok, I know you have checked this to check on our family. And that was its original intent. However, in the last year, there has been so much going on around us that sometimes here lately I have felt the need to share. Tonight's entry is no different. And besides our family was indirectly involved so it sorta relates;)

I would love for each of you to go to the coachesaid link (I will provide the direct link to the article below) and read the article regarding our girl's basketball coach. Chelsey (my sister) was on the team last year when all of this happened. I graduated with Kevin Lewallen (the coach) and the boys are now being taught by his phenomenal wife, Sara. It is a beautfiul article regarding their precious heavenly angel, Lanie Gail. She was born last year after the State Tournament and died three weeks later. It was an incredible article and story that I wanted to share.

Just so this has some more relavence to the Fisher Family:), Please continue to pray for Tara. The blood pressure was better last night after a full day of rest but her full confinement to bed is schedule to last at least for two more weeks.

And please remember our family in prayer. Little Dilon is getting his tonsils out next Friday. He has had chronic strep throat for years now and gets really bad deep coughs every time that require very expensive breathing treatments for weeks each time. He also is showing the early signs of being an asthmatic. So we are hoping this solves some problems:)

Here is the link:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


There have been several posts in the last couple of weeks regarding Inspiration and different happenings in our life and in the life of others around us. This weekend and the start of this week are no different.

I am asking for prayer requests tonight. Kevin's brother, Clayton, and his wife, Tara, are expecting a baby girl the end of April. I don't know all of the details, but apparently her blood pressure is too high. There have been other issues up to this point, but due to the blood pressure, I am pretty sure Kevin said she is going on bed rest now until she delivers. I am not sure how serious this situation is at this point, but just please pray for them during this time.

Another awesome thing occurred this weekend. The Lady Raiders won another Gold Ball and are State Champions. Back-to-back ones at that. They made it known that this ball was dedicated to my little friend Morgan. They have forged a special bond all year and have adopted her as one of the team. I am sure if you have visited Morgan's site you have realized that. Well, the Sunday Oklahoman (the newspaper here) recognized it too. You can read the neatest article that made Morgan famous!!!

I am blessed. I have three healthy kids, a roof over my head, a husband that works extremely hard so that I have the choice to be a stay at home mom, and many other countless blessings. Sometimes, or actually most times, we get so caught up in the day to day grind of life that it is very easy to forget how blessed we are to have each other. How blessed we are to have the simple things in life that we take for granted everyday.