Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sound Body = Sound Mind

Ok...Ok... I am sure for those that already exercise on a regular basis you know this little well-known secret: exercising is more than just good for the physical part of you body; it feeds your mind as well. However, for someone who is just starting out exercising again after ten years of daily physical exercise, I am truly blown away by how much this has impacted my life.

I started working with a wonderful trainer, Paula Hendricks, , in July. We started working together the middle of the month. Then, Kevin and I went on vacation. I still did workouts while we were gone. I started back with her and then my sister got married. The day of her wedding, I fell off of the stage (my shoe got stuck in the carpet) down three steps. I had a hideous bruise, rug burn, and pain on myleft leg. That slowed me down, but it didn't deter me. I kept on working out.

That injury started to heal just in time for my next misadventure. Almost two weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, we had our church picnic at a local park. We were grilling. Our grill has a water jacket in it. We had grilled the first set of hamburgers and were getting it ready to do the next. The grill was running about 450 degrees. My husband started filling up the water jacket again while I was flipping hot dogs. Water shot out of the hole under my arm and burned my entire left arm. I had no choice but to stop working out. I was in a great deal of pain. Thankfully, after almost two weeks, it feels much better.

But I had stopped working out. I could physically do nothing. I started to not care. I was down in the dumps. I wasn't as careful with what I was eating. I felt miserable. I was tired all of the time. I had zero energy. I didn't want to do anything, including going back to see Paula today. I hadn't seen her for 13 days. We had been working out previously three times per week.

I didn't call to cancel. I went today. Kinsley and I marched right in there. I got on the scale. To my utter shock, I had only gained 4 ounces since my last weigh in (Paula credited this to the muscle I had built in the previous weeks burning the fat even though I wasn't actively working out). I was pleasantly surprised as I had been avoiding scales in the last two weeks. Then, I started my workout. At first it was agonizing. I wanted to stop. After I had been on the elliptical for fifteen minutes, it didn't feel so bad. The good feeling I had missed started to creep in. We worked out my arms, legs, and stomach next. Honestly, it was HARD! But, amazingly, it was fun. It was just what I needed.

The crazy thing is: I had more energy and was more upbeat all day. I know it was a direct result of working out again. I got things accomplished today. I have wanted to do things. I haven't thought of going to take a nap all day. I feel better about me! Who knew (well I am sure all of my athletic friends/family did) that exercise could make a mental AND physical contribution to your health!!! It was a lesson that I am glad that I learned!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer 2008 Update

It has been awhile since I last posted. It seems like everytime I got ready to post something else happened:)

June 2008
Harvest came and went. For the first time in three years, we received a bumper crop and at record prices, it was Christmas in June for the Fisher Family as well as many other farm families. It was truly an answer to prayers and we are extremely grateful to God for what He has provided.

June also brought about a scary couple of days. I got really sick right in the middle of harvest. It didn't get better after taking antibiotics and I wound up in the ER on a Sunday night. They admitted me and I had to spend three days in the hospital for something that we still aren't real sure about. Thankfully, it is another answered prayer and I am feeling like a million bucks again:)

July 2008
We had a very busy July. I always think that Summer will be savored and enjoyed. Ours was planned and crammed to the max. My sister, Ashley got married the first weekend of August, so we had many prewedding things to contend with in July. We also planned our first family vacation in over three years and our first as a family of FIVE:) We drove to San Antonio and spent seven nights down there. It was a great time. We spent time on the Riverwalk, shopping, two days at Sea World, and a couple just resting. We dodge a hurricane scare while we were down there, and were thankful that it brought cooler weather to the area.

July also had another momentous milestone for my family: My parents' addition is complete on the inside. My Dad did a absolutely fantastic job. For a man that has never built anything on this scale before, it truly looks as if a construction crew was hired. It is fabulous. Our first big family gathering will be next month as we celebrate my mother's birthday togehter. It should be awesome.

August 2008
As I said earlier, my sister, Ashley, got married on August 2. Darin is our new "brother" and we are very happy for the two of them. Not long after this momentous event, the next best thing happened: the boys went back to school!!!! Ok, so it doesn't really compare to my sister getting married, but I, as their mother, am so glad to have a routine again. They both amaze me with how different, but equally smart they truly are.

I have also started my new business. Check out what I am doing at . We are all excited about this! I am excited to be building something of my own and to be creating financial independence for myself.

Kinsley is quickly approaching birthday number 1 (Sept 21). Her newest trick, in addition to waving bye, shaking her head no-no, and saying hi, is taking a couple of steps. She just did it today. It was so AWESOME!!! I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to be a stay at home Mom to witness all of these milestones with each of my children. I can't thank God enough for that.

I think that gets you caught up on the happenings around here. I will add new pictures soon!!!!