Sunday, February 22, 2009

Toddler Bed Time

We had a momentous moment in the Fisher house today: We converted the crib into a toddler bed.

I had been thinking for a couple of weeks that it would be coming in the next couple of months. I remember doing it for the boys as we moved into the new house. It was right before they turned two. They were so excited that day to be able to climb in and out of their beds by themselves. I just thought I would still have a while until Kinsley would need it done. I should have known better!

The boys and I were sweeping the kitchen floor today. Damon had the dust pan, Dilon had the broom and I had the little sweeper. Kinsley was only getting in the way. So, I went and put her in bed. My phone rang and I didn't get the door shut to her room as I walked out. I was talking with Kevin on the phone, when I looked down and saw Kinsley. I asked the boys which one went and got her. They swore they didn't do it. So I hung up the phone, and we tested it out. Sure enough, she stuck her chunky little leg up to the top bar, and over she came.
We have had her mattress on the bottom for along time. It is the only way she would stay in her crib, even when she was small. We took the round pole off of the top of her bed a couple of months ago. She kept getting her arm caught in between. I knew if I put it back on, we ran the risk of her leg or arm getting caught. So we took off the front of her bed and added the toddler brace. She thinks she is big stuff now!!!
She has spent the last fifteen minutes just sitting on her bed. She gets up, gets a toy and then gets back on her bed. She loves it!!!! I should have known...She had found a box earlier in the week, climb on it, and got into the boys captain's beds. She would lay against their pillows, cover up with a blanket, pick up a book and read to herself. Totally cute!!!! Then she would yell, "MAMAMAMAMA" when it was time to get down!

She is growing up so fast!!!! The boys are very impressed!!!! They even gave up their spare pillow so she would have one now in her big girl bed!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


We take so many in life. I am not taking about the ones that you spend weeks planning and then get to leave and go away from it all for a couple of days. I am not talking about little day trips here and there.

I am talking about the trips in life that come up everyday. I am talking about those trips we take everyday whether intentional or not. I am talking about those first times we do things like leave our children at school, or start a new job.

We had a first kind of trip today. Damon made a trip to the principal's office. I should preface this story with the fact that Kevin and I have put the fear of God into the boys about being in trouble. And granted Damon went to the principal's office last year because his teacher just needed a place for him to cool down. He never actually spoke to the principal. Today was different. He was at recess with our principal and kicked the boogy board and threw a fit. The principal told him to go and sit in his office. Mr. Mendell then explained to him that he couldn't throw a fit like that over something so insignificant.

I was very proud of Damon. I know, imagine that. He didn't try to hide any of this from me. Instead, he came home with those big puppy dog brown eyes and I just knew instantly something wasn't right. I asked and he started crying before he even got inside. He told me what happened (all of it). I think Mom might have shocked him too: I didn't yell or scream at him. Instead, I explained what he did that was wrong, he spent some time in his room and got credit for the fact that he didn't lie to me.

I am sure his trip home was excruciating enough knowing that he would have to tell Mom and Dad what happened. It is a trip that I doubt he forgets for awhile.

They get to take one of those cool day trips tomorrow: we are going to the circus with their class. The boys are so excited! I am excited to get to go and go with my good friends to OKC. It will be a treat!

I will have to post more about that trip tomorrow:) And I would encourage each of you to go down memory lane and think about those trips in life...The other ones! They can be just as meaningful, if not more, than the ones we spend weeks planning.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Haley Raye:)


My sister sent me some better pictures, so I am adding a couple of them!!! ENJOY:)

Kevin and I have a new niece: Haley Raye:)

She was born last Friday to my sister, Ashley, and her husband, Darin. She weighed 7 lbs 12 oz, and was 19.75 inches long.

My sister had a time of it. She was to be induced early Friday morning. Bless her heart it got no where. Her doctor and her decided that a C-Section would be the best way to proceed and Haley was born at 8:30 that evening.

I will post pictures soon. This week has been crazy and I haven't had time to upload them yet:) Congrats to the three of them at they start out as a family together!

They have already had heart stopping moments this week! The tornadoes in OKC were less than a mile from where Ashley and Darin live in Edmond. It was quite scary, but thankfully everyone is fine!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Allergy Testing

I took Kinsley yesterday for allergy testing. We determined that it would not be necessary right now to test for all the weeds and grasses, but they went ahead and did the food testing. She is officially allergic to Peanuts and Eggs. However, until they do blood testing, we won't know the exact severity. She had about the same reaction, size wise, to both, so that is kinda of scary given we had no clue about the eggs.

I had no idea that her eczema is most likely related to her allergic conditions. I thought it was independent but the PA said that most likely it is related at least on some level. Her breathing was also a concern due to croup that she had this week.

So they sent us home with a long list of meds for her breathing, her skin, prevention, and emergency precaution. I can't imagine what my little cancer patient friends' moms go through with meds. I brought home four lotions, nose spray, two neubulizer medications, Zyrtec, an Epi-Pen, and five pages of instruction on avoiding eggs, peanuts, and cough action plan instructions, and I WAS OVERWHEMED!

Today, we went to Kingfisher to get her blood drawn. That was a mistake. Her little veins are almost invisible. They stuck her in three different spots. One vein they couldn't get to in her hand, her one in her right arm collapsed, and her left arm they couldn't find the vein. They gave up! I called the Dr. and we are supposed to go sometime next week to OKC to Mercy Hospital where they have someone who specializes in Pediatric Labs. Kinsley was a trooper though. She cried (of course), but it never took more than thirty seconds for her to stop after each stick, and she even went back to the bed after each stick like it was no big deal. She is one tough little cookie!!!

Say a special prayer today for my sister, Ashley. She is in the hospital, being induced today. Haley should be here sometime today or tomorrow. Also, keep praying for Morgan, Connor, Logan, and Gene! I know more people with cancer right now than I care too!