Friday, August 14, 2009

Terrible TWO'S!!!

She won't be two until the 21st of September, but Kinsley is already proving to be near!

She is ALL OVER THE PLACE...ALL THE TIME! It is like the Energizer Bunny times 100! She constantly has to be doing something. She is a very, very, very busy toddler! And MISCHIEVOUS like all get out! I thought girls were supposed to be better than boys...YEAH RIGHT, and I had TWO BOYS at the same time!

We wandered how this week would go with school starting. She has gotten quite attached to the boys this summer. She didn't miss a beat. She had been going into their room every morning, turning on their TV and talking to them. For some reason, on Wednesday, she came out and it didn't occur to her to visit them. They were gone to school; she was off to the races. She never stopped and had a smile on her face all day. We finally asked at lunch time where they were at, and she put her hands up and said "no" like I don't know. But it didn't seem to phase her a bit.

And she hasn't let up this week. Yesterday morning, she got up at 6:50 before they left. She was ready to go and stood on the front porch and waved as they left. Then, ran into the house smiling and playing!

Today, she got into the toilet and played with the cling on stamp things I bought to keep them cleaner. She smells like a pine forest because of it. They fascinate her for some reason. She dumped a full box of wet wipes out, took them all apart, and started flushing them. Thankfully, it was one at a time and Mommy heard the toilet getting flushed more than it should.

She rode in the boys' booster seat today all buckled in because she didn't want to ride in her seat. I later figured out it is only because she can undo the seat belt (something her brothers still struggle with) without flinching and gets out to explore. That landed her in her car seat!

Right as I type this, she has climbed on my lap and is now sitting on my desk smiling at me! She is grabbing anything within reach and it is so hard to be mad at a toothy grinned, pig tail wearing, little girl as she reaches over with her sticky little hand and gives you a great big kiss!

On a sweet note, she has learned out to give bear hugs this week! Used to, when we hugged her, she would just take it...Now she puts her arms around your neck and squeezes as tight as a toddler can! So sweet and cute! What is not cute or sweet is that she is now shredding my stack of post-its one by one...Gotta go!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Accident Prone!

For awhile, I am still going to post at both places. I don't have the new blog all set up yet, and will just copy and past for the time being!!! But be sure and check the new blog out too!!!

We acquired a boat this summer. We have been to the lake 5 times in the last month. One weekend, we got rained out at Keystone one day, and went to Canton lake the next. Kevin and I have dreamed of the day we could have something like this for our family. We put the boys into swim lessons four summers ago. They took lessons for three summers and this summer they were on the swim team, all in preparation for us getting a boat eventually.

Kinsley is still smaller than we would like, but it is much easier with one toddler than it ever would have been with two! And all three kids are still small enough that they love to ride in the boat for awhile, and then go to the sand and play. Kinsley absolutely loves the water and the boat! She wants to put the boat into every mud hole we see now, and we can't change the TV channel if there is water on! Silly girl!!!

Kevin and I find a great deal of peace and serenity going to the lake. There is no talk of work, problems, disputes, or anything else. It is just a time when we can get away from everything, enjoy our beautiful, healthy family, and have fun! We love that it allows us the ability to create wonderful memories without breaking the bank. And we love just being able to get away from EVERYTHING for the afternoon. It is definitely a welcomed addition to our life.

Unfortunately, my accident proneness hasn't escaped our lake going! In fact, a year to the day on Sunday was when I had fallen off of the stage of the chapel where my sister got married. I had blood everywhere, and a bruise that lasted for weeks. I still have a scar from that loveliness!

Anyways, we took our very good friends', the Brooks' with us to the lake this weekend. Nathan and Kevin were best friends in school, and Nathan and I grew up 2 miles apart from each other. Krista and I are great friends, and they have two girls, one is the boys age, and the other is Kinsley's age. It works out great!

Krista and I got on the tube after the boys were done. Kevin was driving. It was really one of those perfect storm moments. We were flying every which way and we saw the other boat pulling a tube. I knew he was going into the wake of the other boat and had told Krista as much. He claims I should have tucked and rolled then...But I didn't. Instead, he hit it, and we went over. I hit the water wrong, the air got knocked out of me, and my knee popped. I came up, couldn't breath, and wasn't sure what I had done to my leg, only that it was in pain!

On Monday, we went to an orthopedic specialist and were relieved to hear that it was a torn MCL instead of my ACL! It wouldn't require surgery (PRAISE THE LORD), only rest and ice! I could definitely do that!

I am happy to report that my knee is starting to feel better. The swelling and stiffness are still there, but I can get around pretty good. My injury from the wedding last year lasted much longer!!!

It had been suggested by some that the boat needs to never be used again because of the danger and accidents it can cause. While I can see why one might think or say that, it was an accident, and honestly, for those that know me, they know accidents with me happen ALL THE TIME!! In the last year alone, I have burned myself on our grill, fell at my sister's wedding, fell down stairs at church, tripped on the sidewalk at school and got both my knees scraped, and now my boating mishap. I didn't stop walking, grilling or using stairs after those accidents. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! We ALL take risks all the time!!!! Kevin takes risks daily being a farmer! It is one of the MOST DANGEROUS jobs you can have, and we don't quit that every time he injures his back or cuts his finger. We will continue taking the boat out and may even do it this weekend if all the ground is worked and things are taken care of! I am game if the family is!

The boat will continue to be a great source of entertainment for our family! It will be something that we will spend many hours on, and we will create great family memories with our children and extended family and friends. And if the occasional accident happens, that is okay too! It happens...and apparently A LOT to me, regardless of whether I am on dry land or at sea lol!!!!!