Monday, April 26, 2010

Almost 30?!?!?!?

In honor of this lovely time in my life, I decided the blog needed to be updated! How awful that I haven't posted here since last year.

I have tried a new blog and didn't keep it up. I have went crazy wild with Facebook and love it. But I still miss coming here and unloading my thoughts on this great forum. Whether anyone reads it or not, it is a great place for me to be able to unwind and share what is going on in our small nook of the world.

So much has changed in the last year. The kids are growing lighting quick. I can't believe the boys are weeks away from being done with First Grade! When did that happen? How did they go from being able to crawl to learning to read everything, everywhere we go? And Kinsley isn't staying far behind. She does her best to keep up with them, and reminds me she can too all the time, whether she can or not! Having a daughter is everything I could have ever hoped for and so much more! She is definitely my girlie girl who also loves dirt and "ohside". It is amazing being a Mom to 3 very different, but each equally special children.

Kevin is working for ProAg Management, an Insurance Company. He is working as a crop adjuster. He loves it. He gets to travel, meet new people and is learning so many new things. It is SO GOOD for him to expand his horizon, and I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity for him! He continues to farm and spray too. He is a very busy man, but he is very committed to his family too! The best of both worlds really!

As for me, I have made many life altering decisions in the last three months. I have went on a rollercoaster ride of what to do with my life pretty much since the moment the doctor announced we would be welcoming twins into our family. You name it, I have tried to do it. In thinking about things though and in talking with Kevin, I have decided I am right where I need to be at in life. God has so blessed us with a nice home, a beautiful, healthy family, and with each other. I love being out here on our farm, raising our children. Is it always roses and rainbows? Well, anyone who has ever farmed, knows the answer to that. But it is like our Sunday School teacher said a couple of weeks ago: It isn't a get rich kinda of occupation, but a lifestyle choice. He is so right! Awesome comment, Carl!!!

I have been a stay at home mom for seven and half years. I have loved every minute but I don't think I have fully embraced being that. It has always been looking towards the kids going to school and me resuming my life...HAHAHA! For the first time, I am truly embracing being a MOM FULL TIME and a wife, and being the greatest farm help money could buy for Kevin (LOL)! Although, I tease him all the time, he could never replace me, and he knows it! Actually, I love helping him on the farm! It is never boring, and we get to spend time together that we wouldn't have otherwise!

Another big change we have made is that we are attending a new church that we LOVE! We started attending the First Baptist Church in Kingfisher in January. According to Kevin, we do the insane thing of going to early service at 8:15 in the morning, but I love it. It starts our Sunday in the best possible way. We also have a great Sunday School Couples Class that we both enjoy! Carl and Carrie Storm teach it and we are so thankful they invited us to their class! The boys love their Sunday School program and Kinsley runs to the nursery where she spends the entire morning. Each of us has adjusted so well, and we are so thankful for such a beautiful, friendly place to worship the Lord.

Other than that, I look forward to telling all of my crazy, funny, sometimes enlightening stories about our family on here again! It is my goal to post each week, and to do better about posting updated photos of the kiddos. When I transferred pics today, I had 700+ photos dating back past Thanksgiving (Great job, MOM:) ) And yes, a week from Wednesday, I will leave my 20s behind and join Kevin as a 30 something....I am just so excited about that, NOT!!!! Have a great last week in April!!!!