Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Craziness at our House

Peanuts are the new thing reeking havoc on our household. We had had problems in the past with Kinsley and a peanut butter granola bar. We were assured then it was probably more of a skin reaction and less of an allergy. She has eczema too, so the pediatrician along with us assumed she just had sensitive skin, until today!

I had given her a PB sandwich before today. I always watched her closely. Lunch was almost ready, but she was upset. So, I made her a quick sandwich to tide her over. She was so irritable. She wouldn't eat; she just spread it everywhere, and got very little into her mouth. She ate some rice, and then we put her to bed.

She just kept crying and crying in her crib, which is very usual for her. I went back to her, only to find her lips, eyes, nose and cheeks swollen. Her eyes were almost swollen shut, her lips were huge, her nose was barely recognizable. I gave her Benedryl and we took a shower to get any remaining peanut oil off of her. Then we headed for Kingfisher.

Instead of going to the ER, we went to our family doctor's office. They got us right in. I started crying as soon as we were in the room. It was relief that she was where they could at least take care of her, and I felt AWFUL! Dr. Krablin assured me that it was nothing I could have predicted, and THANK GOD her breathing was fine. She has been on medicine the rest of the day. Her face has started to return to normal, but she had a bad rash this afternoon. We also now have an epipen in the event she turns blue and can't breath. He said it wouldn't have been necessary today, but wanted us to have it until we can figure out what caused her allergy for sure.

She is now going to be tested for allergies, as we have to pinpoint for sure what caused this. She has to refrain from anything containing peanuts of any kind, until we know for sure what we are dealing with. They are hoping to get her in somewhere next week.

I have a severe allergy to shellfish. It was so similar to that today. My heart broke for her. I just wanted to make it better for her, and I couldn't do anything. She has fought being tired from the Benedryl all day. She has slept for maybe a total of thirty minutes all day. Hopefully, she won't fight me when it is time for bed in a little while.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another First for Kinsley...Prize Fighter Status!!!

We made our first ER visit this weekend with sissy. Thankfully, it was not serious; but, it was still a trip!

The last three weeks in church have been interesting. I have explained that we do not have a nursery since it is a small country church that we attend. Kevin and I don't get to listen to the sermons. Kinsley occupies that time now. Two weeks ago, she stuck her finger up Kevin's nose and made it bleed for ten minutes, right during the sermon. Last week, she apparently wasn't feeling well, and diarrhea sat in during the middle of the sermon. It took two of us to clean her up.

This week, we made an ER run right before the sermon started. I think she may be anti our minister, LOL. She was walking in the side room of our church because she didn't want to sit still. Kevin had gotten up with her. She tripped and he grabbed her jeans to try and stop her from hitting the floor. Instead, her top teeth went through her bottom lip and her bottom teeth cut the inside of her mouth. It was bleeding so much that we initially thought it had went all the way through. So we picked everything up, left the boys with Kevin's parents, and took off for the ER. Thankfully, it was laying nice enough it didn't need stitches. They put a Steri-Strip on it and told us to follow the precautions for a hit on the head.

That wasn't all that happened that day, unfortunately. Both Kinsley's parents got in on creating injury for her. We were checking our heifers in the back. One had just had her first calf. Kevin got out. The Tahoe was too much of a distraction for the cattle and Kinsley was in the front seat to look at the "moooooos." I went around to get in and move the vehicle. I didn't realize Kinsley was leaning against the door. She feel out before I could grab her and skidded on the ground. She had dead grass in every inch of her hair along with what looks like rug burns all down the side of her face.

So, she has a cut under her bottom lip. She has a splotch on her cheek from eczema that she has itched. She has rug burn type marks on her forehead, under her eye, and on her chin. She looks like a prize fighter! Poor girl!!! You can still see the marks (in the picture) but they do look much better!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally...Dilon lost his first tooth!!!

It has been along time coming in the Fisher house. We have been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for this tooth to come out. I even bought them tooth fairy pillows for Christmas with their names on them so that we could further celebrate when Dilon lost his first tooth.

Eating an apple this morning finally did the trick. He came in here to my office, holding the apple with the tooth dangling. He was so excited!! He wanted his picture taken, the tooth in his new pillow and for all of the information to be put on the blog!

Congrats, DILON!!!!
Also, Check out the laundry story again below. I had forgotten I took a picture of her in the dryer before Christmas. The boys were helping and she was trying too!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Toenail clippers....

I know that may sound strange. I thought it was a strange thing to post about, until last night.

Kinsley came into my bathroom while I was getting ready to go to a ballgame. She was fully dressed right down to her socks and shoes. I was talking to her and she was talking back. Quite the little conversation we had:). She was quiet all of the sudden and I thought she had gone. Instead, she had gotten into my top drawer in my bathroom. She had dug out the toenail clippers. When I looked down, she had her left sock and shoe off. She had the toenail clippers held over her toe. Thankfully they were closed and she couldn't trim her own toes.

It is amazing the things she is picking up. I stand in amazement every day at the things she watches us do once or twice, and then tries to mimic. I am so thankful that it is just as amazing the second time around as it was when the boys were small.

Have a great weekend and take the time to enjoy the little things in life!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can help too!!

I am a mean Mom. I make the boys do chores. Ok...I know I am not mean and that I am only preparing them for life outside of the confines of this house. Sometimes though they think I am mean.

They have simple tasks to do daily. They have to make their beds, put away their school stuff, keep their stuff picked up. General things that they know well and do daily without much complaint. We also have a front load washing machine and dryer. For quite awhile now, they switch the laundry out for me. I have even taught them the basics to sorting. Basically they know anything of theirs can go into the washer, except red clothes. That is a seperate load and Kinsley's things also are seperate.

Kinsley has decided, like most younger siblings, that being one year old is not going to stop her from doing the things her brothers do. She is going to help too. That brings us to the most recent disaster in our house.

I had women's group at our house this last Sunday night for our church ladies. We spent all day Saturday cleaning the house. Kevin got back early from fire training (THANKFULLY) and we were talking. The kids were loading the washing machine and dryer. I added the detergent. It is a pull out tray that fascinates Kinsley. She likes to open and shut it. It is not always a good thing; there have been times she does it mid-load and water will go everywhere.

This time however it was closed up. We were standing in the kitchen (THANKFULLY, again) when water started shooting out from the dispenser (it was closed). We turned the machine off. Kevin went to work. We were sure it was probably the hard water we have, and that it had clogged the hose to the dispenser. Kevin finally got it all apart only to find a pair of my underwear that had been stuffed into the hose and was now clogging the passage way.

There is no other way for the undies to get into that hose except for them to be put into the detergent dispenser. The little "helper" had to have done it mid load at one time or another. I would have noticed them had she done it at the beginning or end of a load. They had been in their awhile and had finally gotten lodged to where the water couldn't pass anymore.

Life with a toddler again is NEVER dull!!! She is proving that to Mama on a daily basis!!!

I have a funny about Damon too. The boys are more aware of the political process now that they are in school. They watched history made yesterday with Pres. Obama taking office. Damon came home and said "Mama, we watched Rock Obama become President today." I told him that I think his name is Barack. He said, "Mom, I watched him on TV all day, and his name is Rock Obama." He had also tried to convince his teacher that the superintendent of our school was the former president. Dilon was just enamored that "George Bush was no longer President" and had to go back to where he came from. The six-year-old brain is an amazing thing!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Year of Me!!!

I just wanted to post here that I have started another blog all about ME! It may sound selfish, but I encourage each of you to check it out. It is about starting my virtual assistance practice and about my journey in weight loss. I have even admitted how much I used to weigh, how much I have lost, how many inches are now gone, and I think I have gone insane!!! I have to own the numbers though!!! ENJOY!! There is also links on both blogs to each other:)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My little Tornado!!!

Until just recently, I had forgotten what life with a toddler was like. When the boys were small, things were such a blur. Life was a frantic pace. One would be a monster one week, and about the time we could breathe again, the other one would head down the same path.

I had forgotten what it was like to go to church with them (we don't have a nursery for them in our small, country church). We let them loose in the basement and would take turns watching them each Sunday.

I had forgotten that they liked to draw on everything. I don't know how many times Dennis would come to our front door and find it covered in crayon. I would clean it off, just in time to have it decorated again.

I had forgotten how fascinating it was to the boys to hide things in shoes, in the toilet, under their beds, and anywhere else they could carry things.

I had forgotten how fascinating climbing was to them once they figured it out. The death defying climbs they used to make on top of our bar while I was in another room nearly stopped my heart several times.

I had forgotten the reasons why we never took them out to eat. We couldn't manage two squirming toddlers while waiting to be seated for forty-five minutes. If we did, by the time we got to the table, we did anything but enjoy the meal. So we stopped doing that until they were older.

I had forgotten that my towels never stayed folded longer than five minutes, my shower was a place of amusement and play, my laundry basket made a good go kart or stand (depending on the way it was turned), my makeup was fun to play with, and so on!

I had forgotten all of this until NOW! We have a toddler in the house again. Thankfully, for my sanity, there is only one this time. But, nonetheless, she is making her mark on our household. I found a new roll of toilet paper in the toilet two days ago. It had been unrolled and stuffed in that little hole at the bottom. Dilon tried to flush it before I could stop him. Imagine the mess.

The toilet is a huge fascination. I went into the bathroom the other day. I sat down and the seat was wet. I looked to the floor. It looked like we had a flood in our bathroom. The smallest member of the family had scooped out water with her new toy kitchen utensils and dumped it all over the floor. When asked about it (while Daddy was holding her) she smiled and then buried her head in her father's chest. She has this Daddy thing figured out.

She wants to color on everything, including herself! Damon started screaming the other morning. She had went into their room, found their markers (yes, they were put up in a drawer), taken the lids off, and "decorated" herself, her sweatshirt, and her pants. She had started on the boys' beds when Damon started yelling. The boys now keep their door shut and listen as Kinsley makes music on the door while they are inside:)

My heart has also been racing with her too!!! She loves to climb. I came out of the shower the other morning to find her on top of our table. The boys were supposed to watch her. They watched her alright. They watched as she climbed on the chair; they watched as she climbed onto the table; they watched as she sat down on the table and ate from the bowl of M&Ms candy.

Life with a toddler. Can you remember those days? I had forgotten what is was like until just recently. While there are moments of insanity, there is nothing like a mac and cheese covered face giving you a kiss. Or a chocolate covered hand reaching up to grab your finger. There is nothing like finding a marker smudge on your face from your child's newly drawn marker tattoos. I wouldn't trade this time for anything...except maybe an unclogged toilet!!! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Here are some pictures I have been going to post for awhile now, but haven't had a chance. They are some of my favorites of the kiddos from Curtis and Robin's wedding day! I liked them so much that I made Carol a quilt out of them for Christmas. Enjoy!!!

Kinsley, Grandma (Carol), Granddad (Dennis), Avery, Damon and Dilon

My beautiful children with my handsome husband

Daddy with his "Sweet Pea"

My precious little boys who are growing way too fast!

All dressed up to be ring bearers for Uncle Curtis!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cancer all around:(

Such a terrible disease. It affects so many. Some survive, while others loose their battle. It touches all in different ways. But yet, it seems to have no end. There are more different types than the mind can fathom. And yet there are families that know more about each of them than they would like too. It seems right now it is all around. I want to ask any of you that come across this to please pray for the following people. For some reason, more bad news has followed each of them in the last month than good:(

First, I want to ask for continued prayers for Kevin's uncle, Gene Henderson. He goes to the specialist I believe on the 27th to learn more about where they will go with a bone marrow transplant and a new course of action. He has Leukemia, although I am not sure what type.

Next, there is my little friend, Morgan Snowden. Her site is linked to mine under my favorite links. They got some not so great news yesterday. The spinal tap she had before Christmas had two leukemia blasts in the fluid. Anything over five is considered relapse. They will now have to wait two weeks in order to have confirmation. Please pray that she has not relapsed and for her family to have stength during this difficult waiting game!

There is also a link under my favorites for Connor Cruse. He has been fighting Neuroblastoma Stage 4 cancer for three and half years. Before Christmas, he was having problems and they discovered a large mass pushing against his stomack and bleeding ulcers. They are not sure what the mass is, and are in the middle of waiting to see what it is and what can be done.

I can't imagine the rollercoaster ride these families are on, but they each need prayers, love, and support! Thank you!!!!