Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Craziness at our House

Peanuts are the new thing reeking havoc on our household. We had had problems in the past with Kinsley and a peanut butter granola bar. We were assured then it was probably more of a skin reaction and less of an allergy. She has eczema too, so the pediatrician along with us assumed she just had sensitive skin, until today!

I had given her a PB sandwich before today. I always watched her closely. Lunch was almost ready, but she was upset. So, I made her a quick sandwich to tide her over. She was so irritable. She wouldn't eat; she just spread it everywhere, and got very little into her mouth. She ate some rice, and then we put her to bed.

She just kept crying and crying in her crib, which is very usual for her. I went back to her, only to find her lips, eyes, nose and cheeks swollen. Her eyes were almost swollen shut, her lips were huge, her nose was barely recognizable. I gave her Benedryl and we took a shower to get any remaining peanut oil off of her. Then we headed for Kingfisher.

Instead of going to the ER, we went to our family doctor's office. They got us right in. I started crying as soon as we were in the room. It was relief that she was where they could at least take care of her, and I felt AWFUL! Dr. Krablin assured me that it was nothing I could have predicted, and THANK GOD her breathing was fine. She has been on medicine the rest of the day. Her face has started to return to normal, but she had a bad rash this afternoon. We also now have an epipen in the event she turns blue and can't breath. He said it wouldn't have been necessary today, but wanted us to have it until we can figure out what caused her allergy for sure.

She is now going to be tested for allergies, as we have to pinpoint for sure what caused this. She has to refrain from anything containing peanuts of any kind, until we know for sure what we are dealing with. They are hoping to get her in somewhere next week.

I have a severe allergy to shellfish. It was so similar to that today. My heart broke for her. I just wanted to make it better for her, and I couldn't do anything. She has fought being tired from the Benedryl all day. She has slept for maybe a total of thirty minutes all day. Hopefully, she won't fight me when it is time for bed in a little while.

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Physique By Paula said...

My poor little Kinsley!!! Bless her little heart!!! (And mom and dads too)