Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My little Tornado!!!

Until just recently, I had forgotten what life with a toddler was like. When the boys were small, things were such a blur. Life was a frantic pace. One would be a monster one week, and about the time we could breathe again, the other one would head down the same path.

I had forgotten what it was like to go to church with them (we don't have a nursery for them in our small, country church). We let them loose in the basement and would take turns watching them each Sunday.

I had forgotten that they liked to draw on everything. I don't know how many times Dennis would come to our front door and find it covered in crayon. I would clean it off, just in time to have it decorated again.

I had forgotten how fascinating it was to the boys to hide things in shoes, in the toilet, under their beds, and anywhere else they could carry things.

I had forgotten how fascinating climbing was to them once they figured it out. The death defying climbs they used to make on top of our bar while I was in another room nearly stopped my heart several times.

I had forgotten the reasons why we never took them out to eat. We couldn't manage two squirming toddlers while waiting to be seated for forty-five minutes. If we did, by the time we got to the table, we did anything but enjoy the meal. So we stopped doing that until they were older.

I had forgotten that my towels never stayed folded longer than five minutes, my shower was a place of amusement and play, my laundry basket made a good go kart or stand (depending on the way it was turned), my makeup was fun to play with, and so on!

I had forgotten all of this until NOW! We have a toddler in the house again. Thankfully, for my sanity, there is only one this time. But, nonetheless, she is making her mark on our household. I found a new roll of toilet paper in the toilet two days ago. It had been unrolled and stuffed in that little hole at the bottom. Dilon tried to flush it before I could stop him. Imagine the mess.

The toilet is a huge fascination. I went into the bathroom the other day. I sat down and the seat was wet. I looked to the floor. It looked like we had a flood in our bathroom. The smallest member of the family had scooped out water with her new toy kitchen utensils and dumped it all over the floor. When asked about it (while Daddy was holding her) she smiled and then buried her head in her father's chest. She has this Daddy thing figured out.

She wants to color on everything, including herself! Damon started screaming the other morning. She had went into their room, found their markers (yes, they were put up in a drawer), taken the lids off, and "decorated" herself, her sweatshirt, and her pants. She had started on the boys' beds when Damon started yelling. The boys now keep their door shut and listen as Kinsley makes music on the door while they are inside:)

My heart has also been racing with her too!!! She loves to climb. I came out of the shower the other morning to find her on top of our table. The boys were supposed to watch her. They watched her alright. They watched as she climbed on the chair; they watched as she climbed onto the table; they watched as she sat down on the table and ate from the bowl of M&Ms candy.

Life with a toddler. Can you remember those days? I had forgotten what is was like until just recently. While there are moments of insanity, there is nothing like a mac and cheese covered face giving you a kiss. Or a chocolate covered hand reaching up to grab your finger. There is nothing like finding a marker smudge on your face from your child's newly drawn marker tattoos. I wouldn't trade this time for anything...except maybe an unclogged toilet!!! :)

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