Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another First for Kinsley...Prize Fighter Status!!!

We made our first ER visit this weekend with sissy. Thankfully, it was not serious; but, it was still a trip!

The last three weeks in church have been interesting. I have explained that we do not have a nursery since it is a small country church that we attend. Kevin and I don't get to listen to the sermons. Kinsley occupies that time now. Two weeks ago, she stuck her finger up Kevin's nose and made it bleed for ten minutes, right during the sermon. Last week, she apparently wasn't feeling well, and diarrhea sat in during the middle of the sermon. It took two of us to clean her up.

This week, we made an ER run right before the sermon started. I think she may be anti our minister, LOL. She was walking in the side room of our church because she didn't want to sit still. Kevin had gotten up with her. She tripped and he grabbed her jeans to try and stop her from hitting the floor. Instead, her top teeth went through her bottom lip and her bottom teeth cut the inside of her mouth. It was bleeding so much that we initially thought it had went all the way through. So we picked everything up, left the boys with Kevin's parents, and took off for the ER. Thankfully, it was laying nice enough it didn't need stitches. They put a Steri-Strip on it and told us to follow the precautions for a hit on the head.

That wasn't all that happened that day, unfortunately. Both Kinsley's parents got in on creating injury for her. We were checking our heifers in the back. One had just had her first calf. Kevin got out. The Tahoe was too much of a distraction for the cattle and Kinsley was in the front seat to look at the "moooooos." I went around to get in and move the vehicle. I didn't realize Kinsley was leaning against the door. She feel out before I could grab her and skidded on the ground. She had dead grass in every inch of her hair along with what looks like rug burns all down the side of her face.

So, she has a cut under her bottom lip. She has a splotch on her cheek from eczema that she has itched. She has rug burn type marks on her forehead, under her eye, and on her chin. She looks like a prize fighter! Poor girl!!! You can still see the marks (in the picture) but they do look much better!!!

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Lau said...

Not sure what you use for the eczema but with Brett we used petroleum lotion and it did soooo much more than the steroid cream or eucerin lotion did. Just a tip.