Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can help too!!

I am a mean Mom. I make the boys do chores. Ok...I know I am not mean and that I am only preparing them for life outside of the confines of this house. Sometimes though they think I am mean.

They have simple tasks to do daily. They have to make their beds, put away their school stuff, keep their stuff picked up. General things that they know well and do daily without much complaint. We also have a front load washing machine and dryer. For quite awhile now, they switch the laundry out for me. I have even taught them the basics to sorting. Basically they know anything of theirs can go into the washer, except red clothes. That is a seperate load and Kinsley's things also are seperate.

Kinsley has decided, like most younger siblings, that being one year old is not going to stop her from doing the things her brothers do. She is going to help too. That brings us to the most recent disaster in our house.

I had women's group at our house this last Sunday night for our church ladies. We spent all day Saturday cleaning the house. Kevin got back early from fire training (THANKFULLY) and we were talking. The kids were loading the washing machine and dryer. I added the detergent. It is a pull out tray that fascinates Kinsley. She likes to open and shut it. It is not always a good thing; there have been times she does it mid-load and water will go everywhere.

This time however it was closed up. We were standing in the kitchen (THANKFULLY, again) when water started shooting out from the dispenser (it was closed). We turned the machine off. Kevin went to work. We were sure it was probably the hard water we have, and that it had clogged the hose to the dispenser. Kevin finally got it all apart only to find a pair of my underwear that had been stuffed into the hose and was now clogging the passage way.

There is no other way for the undies to get into that hose except for them to be put into the detergent dispenser. The little "helper" had to have done it mid load at one time or another. I would have noticed them had she done it at the beginning or end of a load. They had been in their awhile and had finally gotten lodged to where the water couldn't pass anymore.

Life with a toddler again is NEVER dull!!! She is proving that to Mama on a daily basis!!!

I have a funny about Damon too. The boys are more aware of the political process now that they are in school. They watched history made yesterday with Pres. Obama taking office. Damon came home and said "Mama, we watched Rock Obama become President today." I told him that I think his name is Barack. He said, "Mom, I watched him on TV all day, and his name is Rock Obama." He had also tried to convince his teacher that the superintendent of our school was the former president. Dilon was just enamored that "George Bush was no longer President" and had to go back to where he came from. The six-year-old brain is an amazing thing!

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