Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time of Reflection

I love this time of year. It starts to finally get cooler outside. The breeze is nice. It starts to get overcast and rainy here. It is the perfect weather for enjoying time inside our home. It is also a time of year I spend in deep relflection.

For most, their time of reflection is at the end of the year/start of a new one. Or it may be as their kids finish a school year or start another grade. For me, it is as my children turn another year older. Since my reflection time has always been around the boys' birthday, I guess the good Lord knew what He was doing when Kinsley came twelve days before the boys' fifth birthday.

This year's reflection is special. It includes Kinsley for the first time. The first year (as any parent knows) is such a wonderous time. It starts out with much joy and anticipation. Then, the "honeymoon" ends and the hard work begins: the late night feedings, the complete dependence, the ability to only use crying as a way of communication. But eventually, the fun creeps back in. It is always a loving relationship, but eventually this little blob learns to smile, coo and roll over. Then elation sits in as you watch them sit up, crawl and learn to explore on their own. Eventually, you see them venture to take steps on their own, and even the third time around it is thrilling.

We have a little lady who is trying to walk, talk and keep up with her brothers. She is so independent already and is still a cuddler. While I loved watching her grow, there is a part of me that wishes she could stay this age forever. It was the same with the boys. I never wanted them to grow past the point of thinking I was the greatest thing ever. I am not sure you ever get to that point really though as an adult even. I think deep down in your heart of hearts, your parents always hold a very special and dear place in your life, or I know mine do.

This last year for the boys has been the most life altering since they were born. They started school, had a new sibling, learned to count, learned phonics, ventured away from Mom and went to school, and the list goes on. This summer I found out how responsible they can be. Kevin taught them how to care for a baby calf that had been rejected by his mama. They named him "Spike" Oliver Fisher. Amazingly, the calf survived and really loves those two little boys.

The latest and greatest thing in their life: they are learning to read. We read a new book every couple of days. It is so totally cool. I am in such a great time of motherhood. It doesn't always seem that way, but when I stop and see the big picture, it is truly amazing.

My mom, sisters and I love this song by Trace Adkins, "You're Gonna Miss This." It brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear it. But it is so true and it makes you really stop and think about living in the moment:) (Even as the almost one year old stands here, and pushes other keys while I type:)) Click here to listen to the song:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Little Duckie #3

The boys have always loved the water. I can't ever remember a time from about six months on, when bathtime wasn't their favorite time of day. They are older now, and are able to either take a bath or shower on their own. It is nice in some ways to not have to be over the top of them, and sad in others that it is one more thing they no longer need Mom for.

Tonight, I was checking email while they were finishing up. Dilon came streaking through the house yelling Mom we need you. I was scared and went running. Thankfully, I came upon the funniest thing I had seen all day. Little Miss had climbed into the shower with them, fully clothed. She was splashing and laughing and having a ball. I tried to get her shirt off, and she crawled away to the other side. Finally, we managed to get everything off, and she got to play with her brothers. It was sweet, funny, and priceless all at the same time.

I went and ate lunch with my mom today. I was asked several times by different people if Kinsley misses her brothers. I told them she does really well while they are gone, and she really does. However, tonight, reinforced how much she loves them, and how much she looks up to them and wants to be right there with them doing what they are doing. They spent an hour before that playing with the clean laundry and the basket. Just the three of them entertaining each other.

It was truly an evening of simplistic nature that I hope I will remember for the rest of my life. I am so thankful everyday that God blessed me with the amazingly special three little souls He did. We have our moments of not so great, but nights like tonight sure make up for the not so great ones!

Here is one of my favorite pictures from our trip this summer. Me with my three little gifts:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Virtual Assistance....Say What???

I have spent the last year building my virtual assistance practice. The profession itself is 10+ years old. It never fails though....Anytime I tell someone what I do, they look at me with a puzzled look of numerous reactions....some surprise, some curiousity, some concern (they think I have been taken for by a get rich quick/home based business scheme) and so on. While most show some interest and ask, and then politely go on, there are actually people in the world that are interested. Some so much they actually want me to work for them (in a legitimate business opportunity:) ).

So, after experiencing numerous reactions, I decided I would blog a little bit about a virtual assistant (ME) and how it can work for you!!! Then, I would direct you to my links section. It has my website link where you can find out more about my practice:)

Virtual assistance. Well lets break it down. It is virtual. It means no commute, no getting ready to go somewhere, no getting out of my PJs (if I choose). It means being in my very nice home office with my three computers working away for my clients. I am sure you are now asking...DOING WHAT?

With the advancments in technology, you can do almost anything for anyone no matter what distance is between you. I check clients email. I organize/create databases. I manage calendars and send reminders. I confirm appointments. I make travel arrangements. I work on websites. I do light bookkeeping and so on.

There are a couple of keys to this type of working arrangement. While training at AssistU this last winter/spring, I learned about the importance of the relationship and the fit between the assistant and small business owner. It is the key to a good working relationship. My practice is set up in a way that my clients and I don't have an employee/employer relationship. Instead, we are collaborative partners.

Another difference is that being a VA is not the same as running a secretarial service. I am not doing piece work for my clients and then ending the relationship. Instead, I am building a trusting relationship and getting into each of my clients' businesses in order to help them set and reach goals and build their businesses beyond their expectations. I am helping others (what I love to do) do what they love to do and allowing them to leave the administrative tasks to me.

While I will gladly work with anyone (the more well rounded I can be and more I can learn, the better), my focus is finding coaches/authors for clients. Coaches (life and business) get what we do as virtual assistants. Not that others don't, but coaches are teaching their clients everyday about the benefits of delegating. They are walking advertisements for virtual assistants.

The purpose is two-fold really! One purpose of this is to educate my family and friends about what I am up too! The second purpose is to send you to my website and if you or someone you know needs a virtual assistant or would just like to learn more, feel free to contact me anytime!