Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time of Reflection

I love this time of year. It starts to finally get cooler outside. The breeze is nice. It starts to get overcast and rainy here. It is the perfect weather for enjoying time inside our home. It is also a time of year I spend in deep relflection.

For most, their time of reflection is at the end of the year/start of a new one. Or it may be as their kids finish a school year or start another grade. For me, it is as my children turn another year older. Since my reflection time has always been around the boys' birthday, I guess the good Lord knew what He was doing when Kinsley came twelve days before the boys' fifth birthday.

This year's reflection is special. It includes Kinsley for the first time. The first year (as any parent knows) is such a wonderous time. It starts out with much joy and anticipation. Then, the "honeymoon" ends and the hard work begins: the late night feedings, the complete dependence, the ability to only use crying as a way of communication. But eventually, the fun creeps back in. It is always a loving relationship, but eventually this little blob learns to smile, coo and roll over. Then elation sits in as you watch them sit up, crawl and learn to explore on their own. Eventually, you see them venture to take steps on their own, and even the third time around it is thrilling.

We have a little lady who is trying to walk, talk and keep up with her brothers. She is so independent already and is still a cuddler. While I loved watching her grow, there is a part of me that wishes she could stay this age forever. It was the same with the boys. I never wanted them to grow past the point of thinking I was the greatest thing ever. I am not sure you ever get to that point really though as an adult even. I think deep down in your heart of hearts, your parents always hold a very special and dear place in your life, or I know mine do.

This last year for the boys has been the most life altering since they were born. They started school, had a new sibling, learned to count, learned phonics, ventured away from Mom and went to school, and the list goes on. This summer I found out how responsible they can be. Kevin taught them how to care for a baby calf that had been rejected by his mama. They named him "Spike" Oliver Fisher. Amazingly, the calf survived and really loves those two little boys.

The latest and greatest thing in their life: they are learning to read. We read a new book every couple of days. It is so totally cool. I am in such a great time of motherhood. It doesn't always seem that way, but when I stop and see the big picture, it is truly amazing.

My mom, sisters and I love this song by Trace Adkins, "You're Gonna Miss This." It brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear it. But it is so true and it makes you really stop and think about living in the moment:) (Even as the almost one year old stands here, and pushes other keys while I type:)) Click here to listen to the song:

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