Monday, October 27, 2008

Going, Going, GONE!!

It has been awhile since I last updated. Things for us (like most families) are crazy busy. We have had many firsts in the last year with Kinsley. However, this weekend, Damon had a momentous milestone: His first tooth came out! Ok, well, Mom had to pull it out because the tooth behind it was starting to come in. But it still came out. I told him he looked like a Jack-O-Latern at the perfect time of year!!! The tooth right next to it is also loose. Dilon is so envious, since the tooth fairy visited on Saturday night:)

Kinsley is also on the move more now. A couple of weeks ago we visited some friends and their ten month old was walking. Kinsley was starting to take steps, but not to the extent of Kate. The next day, Kinsley took off. She is almost running now everywhere she goes. It is so stinking cute to see a little person under three feet tall toddling all over the house.

The boys continue to amaze us. They both received glowing reports at parent/teacher conferences last week. They are both so different, according to their teacher (we already knew that), but yet so very smart. Kevin and I couldn't be more greatful or feel more blessed. They are such good little readers and are enjoying learning!!!! Mrs. Lewallen (pre-k teacher) and Mrs. Ingram (kindergartern) have definitely given our two boys the best possible start.

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