Thursday, May 29, 2008

House Update and Summer Vacation

I haven't updated in awhile on my parent's house. It is coming right along. Two weeks ago they started on the next phase of their project: joining the old with the new. (Side note: for those that know the house this will make sense...for those that don't, I am sorry.)

They had intended, when this all started, to have the south bedroom be the new entry way and take the door to that bedroom off and have that be the only way into the new part of the house. Well, one evening two weeks ago, plans changed. While sitting in what will be their dining room, my dad realized that with Mom in the kitchen all the time, he would never see her if they didn't open the house up a little more. So, they took down the wall on the west end of the old living room (the new dining room), and you can now see from my parent's master bedroom all the way into Chelsey's bedroom in the new addition. It was a much needed change in plans that looks awesome. Pictures are below.

Summer vacation has begun. We had a rocky start with a trip to OKC. It is amazing that after spending the last five years at home with them, we would have to readjust after nine months of school. However, we had too. Things are better this week, and we are enjoying each other so much.

Miss Kinsley is enjoying having her brothers home. They keep her entertained. She is inch worming all over the house and is starting to pull up to things. When we hold her hands, she takes steps when she is standing. After watching the other two learn to walk, it is none less thrilling seeing her do it. It is amazing the joy you can find in such simple things.

I always think summer will be the vacation they call it when the kids are in school. However, for a farming family, this is the busiest time of year. Wheat harvest will most likely get under way next week. Please keep our family, as well as all farm familes, in your prayers. It is an exciting time this year with the last two harvest years being such disasters, but it can also be a very dangerous time. Just please pray for everyone's safety and well being.

In addition to harvest, we have swim lessons that just started for the boys. Both boys are also going to basketball camp next week. I can't wait to watch that.:) We are planning a vacation to San Antonio after harvest sometime. VBS is in July and before we know it, school will be starting. Thank goodness for calendars!!!

I will post the pictures of the house and later I will post the pictures of the boys' PreK promotion and end of the year track meet! Enjoy!!!!

The view from my parent's room:)

The fireplace my Dad bricked

Looking into the new living room

The view from the other side

The view from the Living Room looking towards the new
dining room and entry way

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Priceless Moments!!!

Having to five year olds in the house, there is never a dull moment. There is never a time when I don't look at them in wonder and amazement at the things they come up with. This weekend was no different.

Usually on Saturday mornings we have a whole line up of TV. Well the house needed some TLC this weekend, so we had the boys help. It was 8:00 am, and I told them if they helped until 9:30, they could watch an hour's worth of TV. They helped on the living room and in the dining room and kitchen. At 9:20, I told them to go and work on their room for ten minutes. I looked back there and saw stuff just being shoved in drawers. That is not the way they were taught to do it. I got angry.

I went back there and dumped out any drawer where the stuff was not put away right. I told them there would be no TV, and they were to clean their stuff up, but this time put it in the right place.

Well thirty minutes later, they were still having difficulty. Things were still not put away the way they were supposed to be. I called in the big guns: Daddy. He went back there and asked what the trouble seemed to be. Without hesitation Dilon looked at him and said, "Well, we were cleaning up the living room for Mom. She got mad for some reason and all of the sudden dumped all of our stuff out of our drawers!"

Without missing a beat Damon chimes in, "Yeah, that is what happened." Kevin was speechless. It was hard to be mad, but I had to try. We have gotten many good laughs over this story though. Damon just goes along all the time with whatever Dilon says as long as it benefits him.

As I said there is never a dull moment in our house, especially with two the same exact age. I am sure when Kinsley can talk, the stories will get even better:)