Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Buyer Beware

Hi all...I would hate for any of you to go through the headache we are experiencing so I decided to share. DO NOT BUY A MITSUBISHI DLP TELEVISION. I am not saying all DLP Projection TVs are bad, but from the research (and regret) I have done, Mitsubishi is not up to par by even a long shot. The 52 inch monster that has stood in our living room is our current family drama!

We have replaced three bulbs in the last seventeen months. They are supposed to last on average 4000 hours (manufacturers tout from 2000-6000 with 4 being average). If you were to do the math you would find this unbelievable. It would mean that our tv would have to be on 23.5 hours out of 24 hours in each day! Even at half of that, I can guarantee we don't watch 12 hours of TV each day. We aren't home that much!

The latest issue has been a new noise it is now making. It sounded like a siren from an ambulance the other night as Kevin and I sat here and heard sound but saw no picture. It is currently loaded and being taken to an appliance dealership in OKC. The repairman felt that from my description it would probably cost around $250 to fix. The lamps previously replaced were $300 each with only one coming while there was warranty left. Even if you would buy extended warranty (we had not), they only cover one lamp in addition to whatever the TV manufacturer does.

We are going to fix the TV. We are going to watch the TV. We are giving the TV another chance to do us wrong (probably a fool me once, fool me twice (or five times) kind of thing. If it breaks again, we are getting rid of it and beginning our search for a TV once again. It only took us two years to decide this last time. Who knows what we will come up with this time!

Any of you that have a great "big" screen TV brand and type (LCD Projection, DLP Projection, LCD, Plasma, so on) please suggest it in the comments section. If you would include how long you have had your television and what issues may arise with it I would appreciate that information as well!!!

Thank you for any help you can provide to this scorned consumer!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Last Lecture

My life has changed considerably in the last couple of months. I have been taking a training course on Monday nights to become a virtual assistant. It is all the things an assistant can do; however, you build a relationship, or partnership, with your client and do it from the comfort of your home. I have been looking at my life differently since I started this program. I am not a believer in accidental encounters in life. I feel like everything happens for a reason.

Last week, Diane Sawyer did a special presentation called "The Last Lecture: A Love Story for Your Life." I don't know how many caught it, but it was truly inspirational and amazing. Randy Pausch, professor at Carnegie Mellon University, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer two years ago. It went into remission and then came back last fall. He was given three to six months to live. He has three small children and a loving wife. His outlook on life and on death is awe inspiring. I wanted to share his website with all of you and encourage you to watch the Last Lecture. I will put a link to his site under favorite links on my page. Enjoy!

In other news, Baby Avery is off of the "lights" for her jaundice. We went to see her this weekend and she is doing better. She has her days and nights mixed up much to the dismay of her mom and dad. Kevin, the lovely soul he is, told them that all first time parents deserved that. Tara is doing better too. Her blood pressure is finally coming down.

Curtis and Robin officially set the date for the wedding: November 22, 2008, in Stillwater. It will be a busy fall around the Fisher household.

Check back soon for new pictures!! The boys have a spring program tomorrow night and the whole Scheffler family is going to the OKC Zoo on Sunday. We haven't gotten to do anything together like that in awhile and we are all looking forward to it!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Time is Flying!

I have a new computer in my office. I have both my old and new monitors side by side for the moment. Kevin calls me a big dog for needing two computers, but I honestly have not had time to change them out yet. The point is that I have a slide show of my pictures that I have taken that runs on the old computer. It is of pictures taken as far back as three or four years.

It is absolutely mind blowing to sit here and watch the slide show. The boys have grown so much, even in the last year. Of course, having a new baby made them look much bigger than they had previously. But it is just amazing how far in five years they have come.

Then there is Kinsley. She has grown so much in the last six months. I was taken back with my niece and the experiences Clayton and Tara are going through right now. Avery has jaundice and is tiny, much like Damon was. I can distinctly remember going through much of the same with the boys. We were basic shut ins for the first six to eight weeks of their life. With Kinsley it has been so much different. She was a normal sized, healthy baby right from the start. Other than loosing a little weight and a heart murmur, our life has been so much less chaotic this time around. Not too mention the fact it has been much different with one than it was with two. :)

It is just hard to believe that summer is almost upon us again. The boys will be home again full time and eagerly awaiting Kindergarten. I am sure summer will see Kinsley attempt to learn to walk and keep up with the boys.

I am just very thankful for the place I am at in life. I have spent a great deal of time in reflection due to the training course I am currently taking. I am just very thankful for the experiences in life. I love that I am enjoying moments in the present. The present is never dull in our house and there is always something interesting going on. It is just a great place to be!

One more thing...Thank you to all of those who prayed for Dilon. His throat is healing. His stomach had been hurting for six months for no reason according to the doctors. Taking the tonsils out has cleared that problem up as well! Thank you also for those that prayed for Tara and Avery. Tara is still on bedrest awaiting the blood pressure to decrease. It is slowly returning to normal. Avery is on the "lights" so that the jaundice will decrease. Thankfully, both are doing as well as can be expected...Clayton maybe another story LOL!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Baby Pictures!!!!

We went to the hospital tonight and got to meet Avery! Kevin, the old pro, even took a stab and held his niece. It was so much fun to hold a baby and then to give her back:) We have never known what that is like!

For those wandering, I (Aunt Lesley) did get to hold her. No one knows how to work my camera. Carol took a picture of me holding her so maybe I can get a copy and add to this slide show! Enjoy!

We have a NIECE!

After making everyone else Aunts and Uncles years ago, Kevin and I have finally gotten our turn. Clayton and Tara (Kevin's Brother and sister-in-law) had their little girl yesterday, Avery Laura Fisher. She was born at 6:18PM. She weighed 5 pounds, 11 ounces and was 19 inches long. We haven't got to see her yet (hence the reason for no pictures) but once we do, I will post pictures of her. It will be neat to see her as she is near the size the boys were when they were born. It will be a fun comparison. And it will be neat to see how giant Kinsley looks next to her since she weighs almost twenty pounds now:)

In other happenings in Kevin's family, I don't know if I have posted it or not, but Kevin's youngest brother, Curtis, is engaged. He has been for almost six weeks now. Robin is her name and they have been dating for almost a year and half. They haven't set an official date (we have an idea) but when they do I will post it for sure!

My family is pretty quiet these days in comparison to Kevin's. All the girls are pretty content and busy going to school and working. Mom and Dad continue the work on their home...I will have to get new pictures up. It is coming right along:)

We are nearing the busiest time of year in the Fisher household: The end of the school year and wheat harvest. I got the school schedule yesterday; it is crazy! But it will be a good opportunity to share pictures of activities with all of you!

Have a great rest of the week!