Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Buyer Beware

Hi all...I would hate for any of you to go through the headache we are experiencing so I decided to share. DO NOT BUY A MITSUBISHI DLP TELEVISION. I am not saying all DLP Projection TVs are bad, but from the research (and regret) I have done, Mitsubishi is not up to par by even a long shot. The 52 inch monster that has stood in our living room is our current family drama!

We have replaced three bulbs in the last seventeen months. They are supposed to last on average 4000 hours (manufacturers tout from 2000-6000 with 4 being average). If you were to do the math you would find this unbelievable. It would mean that our tv would have to be on 23.5 hours out of 24 hours in each day! Even at half of that, I can guarantee we don't watch 12 hours of TV each day. We aren't home that much!

The latest issue has been a new noise it is now making. It sounded like a siren from an ambulance the other night as Kevin and I sat here and heard sound but saw no picture. It is currently loaded and being taken to an appliance dealership in OKC. The repairman felt that from my description it would probably cost around $250 to fix. The lamps previously replaced were $300 each with only one coming while there was warranty left. Even if you would buy extended warranty (we had not), they only cover one lamp in addition to whatever the TV manufacturer does.

We are going to fix the TV. We are going to watch the TV. We are giving the TV another chance to do us wrong (probably a fool me once, fool me twice (or five times) kind of thing. If it breaks again, we are getting rid of it and beginning our search for a TV once again. It only took us two years to decide this last time. Who knows what we will come up with this time!

Any of you that have a great "big" screen TV brand and type (LCD Projection, DLP Projection, LCD, Plasma, so on) please suggest it in the comments section. If you would include how long you have had your television and what issues may arise with it I would appreciate that information as well!!!

Thank you for any help you can provide to this scorned consumer!

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jcbl said...

I have a Pioneer Pro 1140 HD 50" plasma which is about 3 years old. Never had a problem and picture is amazing.
The equilavent new model in the "Kuro" line is the Pro 1150HD. Pic on this new one is even better.
When I got my set the thing which most impressed me was the performance on non-HD regular cable signals (e.g. food channel). It is the best I've seen in this regard.