Monday, April 7, 2008

Time is Flying!

I have a new computer in my office. I have both my old and new monitors side by side for the moment. Kevin calls me a big dog for needing two computers, but I honestly have not had time to change them out yet. The point is that I have a slide show of my pictures that I have taken that runs on the old computer. It is of pictures taken as far back as three or four years.

It is absolutely mind blowing to sit here and watch the slide show. The boys have grown so much, even in the last year. Of course, having a new baby made them look much bigger than they had previously. But it is just amazing how far in five years they have come.

Then there is Kinsley. She has grown so much in the last six months. I was taken back with my niece and the experiences Clayton and Tara are going through right now. Avery has jaundice and is tiny, much like Damon was. I can distinctly remember going through much of the same with the boys. We were basic shut ins for the first six to eight weeks of their life. With Kinsley it has been so much different. She was a normal sized, healthy baby right from the start. Other than loosing a little weight and a heart murmur, our life has been so much less chaotic this time around. Not too mention the fact it has been much different with one than it was with two. :)

It is just hard to believe that summer is almost upon us again. The boys will be home again full time and eagerly awaiting Kindergarten. I am sure summer will see Kinsley attempt to learn to walk and keep up with the boys.

I am just very thankful for the place I am at in life. I have spent a great deal of time in reflection due to the training course I am currently taking. I am just very thankful for the experiences in life. I love that I am enjoying moments in the present. The present is never dull in our house and there is always something interesting going on. It is just a great place to be!

One more thing...Thank you to all of those who prayed for Dilon. His throat is healing. His stomach had been hurting for six months for no reason according to the doctors. Taking the tonsils out has cleared that problem up as well! Thank you also for those that prayed for Tara and Avery. Tara is still on bedrest awaiting the blood pressure to decrease. It is slowly returning to normal. Avery is on the "lights" so that the jaundice will decrease. Thankfully, both are doing as well as can be expected...Clayton maybe another story LOL!

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