Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family Days

One of my favorite movie proposals was from Bride Wars....As Anne Hathaways character sat on her couch her soon to be fiancee hid her ring in a fortune cookie and then his words to her was that he put a lot of thought into where he wanted to propose.....And he thought their apartment was perfect because if they were at home, enjoying Chinese food and spendning an evening together 50 years from then he would be happy.

Ok...yes it was a movie proposal and yes that is the part of the Bridal show down that didn't actually get married, but it reminded of the simple proposal I got on June 27, 1998. A very sweet man snuck into my bedroom (to be fair, my mom and dad knew he was going too :-) ) and at 6 in the morning turned on my bedroom light and proposed. He wanted it to be as real of a moment as what our everyday life would be in the years to come.

As I sit here today, we mark 12 years as a married couple. God has blessed us with three beautiful children, our health, a roof over our heads, and much, much more. Outside of the obvious things I am thankful for, it is days like today that make my heart most thankful. Here we sit talking, laughing, just having fun while we watch a basketball game on TV. It isn't anything flashy or extraordinary, but yet it is extraordinary....Something so simple as being at home together, spending time together, is so nice!

Thank you Lord for not only giving Kevin and I each other and our family, but for allowing us the ability to still love one another 12 years later and for the ability to look forward to many more simple and special days together!!!