Thursday, March 6, 2008

Strength of Character

Ok, I know you have checked this to check on our family. And that was its original intent. However, in the last year, there has been so much going on around us that sometimes here lately I have felt the need to share. Tonight's entry is no different. And besides our family was indirectly involved so it sorta relates;)

I would love for each of you to go to the coachesaid link (I will provide the direct link to the article below) and read the article regarding our girl's basketball coach. Chelsey (my sister) was on the team last year when all of this happened. I graduated with Kevin Lewallen (the coach) and the boys are now being taught by his phenomenal wife, Sara. It is a beautfiul article regarding their precious heavenly angel, Lanie Gail. She was born last year after the State Tournament and died three weeks later. It was an incredible article and story that I wanted to share.

Just so this has some more relavence to the Fisher Family:), Please continue to pray for Tara. The blood pressure was better last night after a full day of rest but her full confinement to bed is schedule to last at least for two more weeks.

And please remember our family in prayer. Little Dilon is getting his tonsils out next Friday. He has had chronic strep throat for years now and gets really bad deep coughs every time that require very expensive breathing treatments for weeks each time. He also is showing the early signs of being an asthmatic. So we are hoping this solves some problems:)

Here is the link:

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suzi j said...

that's a great article. thanks for sharing.