Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Becoming Mobile

We saw much family this last weekend. We had Aunt Tara's baby shower at our house and then we celebrated Easter with the rest of the family. Miss Kinsley has added new tricks since seeing family this weekend. Just in the last few days, she is sitting up for much, much longer periods of time. She is also proficient now in rolling over both ways. She is using this in combination with scooting on her back to get around. And the newest and cutest thing just happened: She had clearance of her belly from the ground and was up on all fours for a brief moment. I was so excited for her!

Having two older brothers, Kinsley has a lot to keep up with. It is amazing that even after watching the two older ones accomplish all of this, it is still utterly amazing and exciting watching her do the same things. I wandered if there would still be a sense of joy and astonishment in watching our third child accomplish things we had already seen in the boys. I am glad to report I am just as amazed and proud!!!!

Happy "late" Easter to all and HAPPY SPRING!!! I am so excited that it is warming up outside. The kids love outside and have been enjoying the weather!

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