Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Best Ball Player

Ok here is a story that Kevin and I are still talking about. It all started last weekend.

We both feel it is important to share the rich history of our high school's basketball tradition with our children. The kiddos made every State Tournament game and we went to several throughout the season and playoffs. Well, it must have struck a cord with Dilon.

In the State of Oklahoma, the Fairgrounds Arena in OKC turns into the "Big House" this time of year. It is the spot where every HS basketball athelete wants to play. Only a select few do. The last two years they have allowed one class to play all three days there while the other three classes get to play in a different location on Thursday and then play at the Big House on Friday and Saturday. This hasn't always been the case. When Kevin and I were in HS, more times than not, you played your first two games elsewhere and then only played Saturday at the Fairgrounds. Daddy made it to State twice, losing in the quarterfinals both times (if I am wrong he will correct me on this LOL). Mommy made it to State twice. The first time I was a freshmen, we went to the finals and got beat and earned a silver ball. During my JR year, we went and played the second day in the Fairgrounds and got beat.

You need all of that to understand this story. We are going to the doctor this last week. Dilon was very interested in basketball, especially the State Tournament. He wants to get big and strong and play in the Big House someday. He asked if Daddy was good at ball. I told him that his Daddy was very good at basketball. He was very gifted in that area. He asked if Daddy ever got to play in the "big house." I told him no Daddy never got to do that. Then he asked if I was good at basketball. I told him I was ok, but Daddy was better. He asked if I got to play in the 'BIG HOUSE.' I told him yes, a couple of times.

Dilon is my thinker. He is also five, so his reasoning is very innocent and black and white. He looked at me and said, "Well, you must have been better than Daddy because you got to play in the Big House and only really good ball players get to do that!" I told him it didn't exactly work like that and then I had to just bust out laughing. His Daddy, on the other hand, didn't find it near as funny.

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