Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prayers Needed

I feel like the last couple of weeks this is all I have done: Ask my family and friends to pray. Tonight is no different.

My little friend, Morgan, needs prayers in the worst way right now. If you haven't checked her site lately, you need to go and read the journal entries from the last couple of days. She is in Children's Hospital again and is in a great deal of pain. Please visit her site and pray for her and her family. Mark, her Daddy, is someone Kevin went to school with. He was two years older than him. When you live in a small community, you know everyone and most likely have known them for years if not your entire life. So, everyone becomes more like family than friends. Her site is to the right under favorite links.

Also, please remember our Dilon. He goes in on Friday morning (we don't have a time yet) for his tonsil removal. He has been letting everyone at school know he won't be there on Friday so I know it is on his mind quite a bit. We have done our best to be upbeat and positive about it. It would just be great to know we have prayers being sent to heaven for him in addition to our own:)

Tara, my sister-in-law, is doing better. The bed rest has done the trick and the blood pressure has retreated. Just please continue to remember her:)

Thank you in advance for your prayers. It has been a long start to 2008. Hopefully, the year will start to go uphill now that Spring is just around the corner!

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