Sunday, March 29, 2009


I do this from time to time...I don't have pictures, or any one thing to talk about, so I talk about a whole bunch of little things! Since I haven't updated in a month, I need to catch the blog up!

We have all had something in the last month. Kevin had a sinus infection in February. Dilon has a croup/stridor attack and was admitted to the hospital in March. Kinsley had an ear infection. Dilon and I brought home pink eye from the hospital. Damon had allergies and a cough. I had a sinus infection that antibiotics and steriods couldn't clear up. It lingered the last two weeks. It hasn't been much fun at our house!

Then the weather. For those of you not in Oklahoma, or for those that have never lived in or visited our state for any length of time, you don't know what you are missing with our weather. We had started cleaning out flower beds. The trees were in full bloom. The 80 degree weather had returned, and I really thought the weathermen were nuts when they were talking about snow this weekend. Well it happened. Not as much here as they thought, but to the north of here there were record snow totals of almost two feet for a March storm. CRAZY!!!! The old saying of "If you don't like the weather in OK, wait five minutes. It is sure to change." really held true this last week.

Kinsley is becoming quite opinionated. She loves OooooEEEEs (oreos). She doesn't like her diaper anymore and will gladly go to her room to get it changed. She has started showing interest in her potty!!! YEAH!!! A funny story to share: The other day she was practicing on her potty. She just had a shirt on and was practicing in the kitchen while I cooked supper. She noticed I had cheese out. Next to OOOOOEEEES, cheese is her other favorite. Well, she got two slices and went to the table. It didn't dawn on me or her that she still didn't have her diaper on. About that time, I heard her cry. She had peed all over the dining room chair:)!! Her frustration was evident. I reassured her it was ok, but she was so mad that she went and hit her potty!

The boys reading and comprehension level still continues to amaze me. They are reading at about a 1.5 grade level right now. Not too shabby for Kindergartners! And they come up with the darnedest things! Today during Sunday school, they were discussing sin. There teacher asked them if they had done something they knew was wrong that they should ask God for forgiveness for...Dilon thought about it and said, "Yes, I tripped my sister." The teacher said, "Well you didn't mean too, and so we can ask for God to forgive us." Dilon said, "No, I really meant to trip her!" Gotta love the honesty of a six year old!

There are also still prayer requests all around us....Morgan is doing great! She still needs prayers, but thankfully the cancer has not returned. Connor's treatment of his second cancer needs prayers of direction and healing. Uncle Gene has one match for a bone marrow transplant and may have another that might even possibly be better than the first.

A young woman, Shelly, that we attend church with is recovering from viral meningitis. The prognosis looks good; however, they found out that she is pregnant. The pregnancy needs prayers after all the testing and medications she used to treat her virus. She and her husband had been trying to conceive for six years, so prayers would definitely be appreciated.

Kevin's cousin, Suzi, is also expecting again around Halloween. Her first pregnancy went well, but she is considered high risk due to her being diabetic. Kevin's other cousins, Toby and Tammy, are expecting their first child in May! They will be welcoming a little boy!

And no, all of these babies, plus the numerous ones in our community that are not listed here, does NOT make me want a baby again. God willing, our family is complete! Total I think I know of seven to eight women right now that are pregnant either in our community or in our family. I have figured out that babies are fun to play with and then give back!!!

I think that about covers everything that has been going on! Stay tuned for Birthday Pictures in the next couple of weeks...Niece Avery turns 1 on Wednesday and her party is next weekend!

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