Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you ever realize how fortunate you are?

I have been spending my summer with my children. We have been going like crazy, and I am utterly exhausted most days. They do silly things that set me off, and the baby has been exerting her independence in the worst way right now. However, during all of this, have I ever stopped to think about how fortunate I am? I have three healthy, beautiful, content children. We have had our scares with each of them, but nothing that has caused life to stand still for any long than a couple of months at most. Kinsley has continued to battle her allergies and Dilon has his asthma problems. Damon and Dilon both have heart defects, but overall, they are very healthy children.

There are so many around us that would trade places with us in an instant to have the health that we have. I think of little Morgan and all she has been through. Thankfully, they are getting somewhat of a normal summer!

Poor little Connor Cruse and his family rejoiced when his NB tumor was dead, only to have a new cancer form, and now they are running out of options. I can't imagine what a battle this has been for them for the last four years.

I think of little Justin Schnell and all of his health issues. He is only going to be in seventh grade and has seen more hospitals in his life than anyone should. And now they need prayer again as he is having lung problems again.

Kevin's uncle, Gene, has had a rough time with his cancer as well. They got the much needed answer to prayer Tuesday when tests showed that his blood was clear of the blasts for the first time in months.

But really, how often do any of us sit and count our blessings for the small things in life. How many times do we tell the Lord how thankful we are that our children, parents, spouse, family and friends are healthy? How many times are we grateful for the drink spilled in the back seat of the car? How many times are we grateful to have children that are healthy to take places? And how often do we just assume that a baby will be born healthy and then stop and realize what a miracle it is when it actually happens?

My children are happy. They are healthy. They are having a fun summer. And I am so very thankful and grateful to God for that very fact!

Here are some videos from today of them in the pool. Damon finally decided he would swim today. He swam the best he has all summer. It was near the end of swim team practice and Dilon was tired in the first video, but you will see they were both wound up when it came time to go down the slide and jump off the board!

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