Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Tidbits

Ok, I haven't shared anything on here in a couple of weeks. Anything you can imagine illness wise, it feels like we have had. Strep throat (Damon had it twice in a week and half along with Dilon), pink eye, sinus infection (Daddy), Flu (Kinsley), Stomach virus (Mommy and Daddy) and the list continues. We have had three days this week (knock on wood) with no illness. God is GOOD!!!

Damon was sore last night. He was crying. I actually thought he was getting ill. Thankfully it passed. But it was funny to hear a five year old say this, so I had to share. I asked him where it hurt. He said everywhere. I asked about his arms, he said everywhere; I asked about his legs, he said everywhere; I asked about his head, and he finally looked at me and said, "Mommy, even my eyeballs hurt!" I got the message!

I wanted to encourage everyone to go and visit my friend, Morgan Snowden's website. She has added a buddy list for all of her prayer warriors. Another girl with cancer had one and it was amazing to see all of the people praying for her. I encourage you all to go, and sign up on Morgan's buddy list. According to today's post, she gets a penny for each visitor on her website. This is so she can visualize how many people have been to her site and are praying for her to get well. Totally cool! She has over 18,000 now.

Her site is

Have a great Wednesday!!!

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