Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Vacation...

The boys are getting a good dose of summer vacation today: they have been completely lazy! Scooby Doo is playing and the DS games are in full force. I do have to give them credit. They have been swapping the washer and dryer out for me today, putting away the folded laundry, and they have picked up after their sister this morning. They also took care of Daisy this morning, too! Other than that, they have been bums today.

We have needed a day like this for a long time. We, like so many, are in constant motion. If we can't go somewhere, do something, or have something scheduled, then life can't be happening, right? It feels like we have been in hyper drive as school has winded down. I was so thankful to be able to really look at what I wanted to do today and get to decide that we would just STAY HOME! I haven't even stepped out of the door today. It has been so nice just to be indoors and getting things caught up!

It is nice just to take the time to slow down! So many times we run the race so focused on the finish line, that we forget to enjoy the journey. I had become so focused on school getting out and being over with that nothing else had seemed to matter. Some of that comes from having small kiddos and having to be the one to stay on track. But most of it came from the fact that I just wanted it over and done with. When we start at the beginning only looking forward to the end we miss out on all the things in between.

It is my hope that each of you stops and smells the roses as the old adage goes! And that you can find joy in the middle parts of life!

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