Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Already

If I had waited three more months, it would have been a full year since I updated this blog. That is hard to believe. I had committed to updating it weekly, and then I became a Facebook junky! Something about updating Facebook two or three times per day made our family blog seem kinda of pointless. The really funny or crazy stuff went straight to Facebook anyways. But there is only so much that Facebook will allow in 420 characters or less. And I have missed this blog. Maybe I will do better now, and maybe not. But the nice thing about this blog is that it is always here!

It is so hard to believe that my little boys aren't so little anymore. Dilon reminds me all the time that his is armpit tall now. They are very funny about Damon being 2 inches shorter, but being Dilon's older brother. Dilon is very involved in sports and loves anything competitive. Damon isn't as interested, but he LOVES to use his imagination and build with LEGOs. He is a fantastic builder.

Kinsley is well on her way. She is caring, ornery, and silly all at the same time. And she has decided in the last couple of months that her Daddy is AWESOME! She used to be completely attached to me. She still loves spending time with me, but she doesn't blink or think twice now about doing things with Daddy. She loves spending time with him. And now calls us "My Momma, My Daddy"

Well here is to hoping I will do better in the next 9 months. Time will only tell!!!

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