Sunday, January 13, 2008

From Dilon's mouth to God's ears:)

I had to share this quick little story. The boys are so funny 90 percent of the time and I love that I have this outlet so that I can share things now;)

This morning at Sunday School Damon was acting up. Dilon proceeded to tell him, "Damon stop it because you know if Mommy finds out she will call Daddy and he is in a mood right now." He then proceeded to tell his teacher's daughter that it meant Daddy wasn't in a very nice mood and them being bad would make it worse. Their Sunday School teacher and her daughter about fell out of their seats onto the floor laughing.

I guess he does listen. I had told him the same thing yesterday when I thought cattle were out. That they needed to be quiet because Daddy wouldn't be in a very good mood and they needed to be big boys for me. Guess Dilon still thinks Daddy is in his "mood." Enjoy!!!!

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