Sunday, January 13, 2008


Christmas 2007 at the Fisher Family

Christmas at the Scheffler Family 2007

I was inspired by Kevin's cousin, Suzi, to start a personal, family blog. It looked like a great way to keep everyone updated on our family's comings and goings:)

Damon and Dilon are five and loving school. I only wish that could continue for the next twenty or so years:) They are also quite fond of their new little sister, Kinsley Denise. (Damon tells everyone he meets her name and that she is his sister....even his grandparents and other family members:) ) They are good big brothers and are enjoying their new role in the house.

The kiddos 2007

Kinsley is doing great. She is almost four months old, weighs 16 pounds, and is 25 inches long. She loves to get attention and is quite vocal when she is not. She loves to stand and I think would run after the boys if she could. She is very interested in everything they do.

We look forward to keeping you updated and sharing our family tidbits with you!!!

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