Monday, January 28, 2008


Hi Friends and Family!!!!

The weekend is gone but not forgotten. It was a wonderful weekend that I had actually dreaded all week. I love it when it is nothing like I thought it would be.

Kevin and I had church business to take care of this weekend. This was the big dreaded thing all week that turned out not to be so bad. It led to many other blessings on Sunday.

My parents have been remodeling my Dad's parents' home for about a year and half. Before they moved in, they gutted the kitchen, repainted all the rooms, remodeled both bathrooms and had new carpet laid (along with many other numerous things). Well, at the beginning of the year, they started on the second phase: the addition of the new living room and two new bedrooms. My Dad is not a carpenter (he is a brick layer/farmer by trade), but he has done an AMAZING job. This is the blessing part of my weekend:)

We left the kids over there on Sunday due to our church meeting. When we went back, I got to see three out of the four of my sisters (a rare thing in itself and a pleasant surprise and blessing). My Dad, his right hand man, Anthony, my brother in law, Brock, and my baby sister's boyfriend, Brian, were all working like workhorses on the house. Kevin was dressed in good clothes and I found out later tried to get on the roof. His boots were took slick and he resorted to being the "ground foreman". This entailed handing them nails, moving ladders, taking bundles of shingles onto the roof and so on.

The five of them got almost half of the roof shingled in about three hours. It was amazing. Even little Dilon got into the action. He picked up nails, pop cans, general trash, swept out the garage where they have been cutting the wood and was there little gopher.

The blessing part (I know you are waiting for it) is so numerous. My parents are the happiest I have ever seen them. They beam with pride over their home and you can tell it is something they have dreamed about doing for years. It is indescribable to see them that happy. It was the neatest thing to see those men that were brought together through my parents' daughters all work together that way and accomplish everything they did. I have never been more proud than I was this weekend to be apart of the family that the good Lord blessed me with. Even my little man, Dilon, made his mama very proud helping out the way he did.

I will have to get pictures from my Mom soon and post them. It is truly a project that is a family's labor of love. Those rooms will be cherished each time we gather together in them.

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