Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paint Mishap

Well for all of you out there who have taken on home remodeling or painting project you will love this story. Even if you have never done it, it is quite hillarious (even though I haven't been able to laugh about it yet).

I was painting my office this week (it is still not done and probably won't be for awhile). I had painted it navy blue two years ago. I am starting a brand new career as a Virtual Assistant and wanted something different. I read somewhere green was relaxing and a good environment to work in. Well I went to WalMart and bought a gallon of KILZ Latex 2 to cover the blue. It only did about a wall and half.

Kinsley and I left on Tuesday afternoon to go and get more. I brought home three more gallons of KILZ. Well, Tuesday in Oklahoma it was very cold. I was in a hurry and set them down on my high efficiency washer. Kinsley was in the house already and she was fussy so I tended to her. The boys came home from school and I never made it back to the paint.

Well I don't know how many have High effiency washers (the front loading kind). We have had one for four years or so and any time anything is placed on it, you have to take it off before you start it. When they spin, they sound like a jet engine and they vibrate.

Kevin started the washer (I will give him credit; he was just trying to help me out). I was working in my office and didn't think much about it. He went and bathed the baby and came to show me her hair that he had spiked up in the middle. We heard a loud crash. I told him that was the sound of paint cans falling from the washer. Sure enough, I was right.

A gallon of KILZ is the worst thing that can explode in your laundry room. When it is a thin layer, unlike paint, it dries instantly. I had just bought new brown rugs and they were on the floor in the room. Thankfully, they caught the can or it probably would have cracked my ceramic tile. But the KILZ was EVERYWHERE!!! Damon's new shoes he got for Christmas were victims. Kevin's work boots, my green laundry room walls (no it isn't the same green as the office), my ceramic tile and grout, clothes that were waiting to be washed, everything was covered.

The rugs survived. They had so much KILZ on them it couldn't dry in time. The floor was salvaged by my husband using a steam mop and knife scrapping the floor. And thankfully we found the wall paint in the cabinet. But it wasn't exactly the way I had imagined my evening:)

So I thought I would share for your entertainment and as a lesson in HE washers and dryers. They tout more counter space and we do use the dryer to store things on. But the washer must remain clear.

Oh and by the way if you see Damon, don't ask about his shoes. His father told him Mommy saw on TV where we could send them and get the scuffs removed so they would look "brand new." Something like that. is sending a new pair this week:)


lucky said...
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Lesley said...

I don't need unsolicited advice on where to buy my husband new work boots at. He is fine and has worn the other ones. This story was for friends and family, not for some salesman/woman to get on here and plug their site.