Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'Princess' Fisher asserts herself

Granted you can't live in our family and not be direct. Kevin and I tend to be more direct and vocal than maybe we even should be at times. And I guess we are raising our children to be the same way.

During bathtime on Monday night, Kinsley let it be known that she has a voice and opinion all her own. Her and I were playing in the water. I had washed her up and I started to get the towel ready to get her out. As I pulled her out she started wimpering. By the time I had the towel wrapped around, she was howling almost as bad as when she got shots on the previous Friday.

I put her back in the bath water. She smiled, splashed me, and then laughed. I guess at almost four months old she is letting Mom and everyone else know who is boss:) Needless to say, we spent more time in the bath on Tuesday night!!!!

Here are some more pictures from Christmas:

Kevin's cousin, Suzi, and I were pregnant together for a time. Jacob is three months older than Kinsley. Two little cutie pies!!!!

This is a picture of all of the cousins on Kevin's Mom's side of the family. Dilon, Kinsley, Damon, Jacob and Ethan made Christmas fun and entertaining this year!!!!

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suzi j said...

cute pics of the kiddos, yours turned out better than mine:)